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China, TRC provide 3,000 smart boards to classrooms

Monday, 3rd of June 2024

Sri Lanka and China will agree to a 20 million grant from Beijing to receive smart boards and other facilities to be installed under the project of establishing smart classrooms in schools. The agreement will be signed between the Education Ministry and the Chinese government. Under the project, China will grant funds for 1,500 smart boards, an operation room (studio), and a data centre which can connect 3,000 schools online established at the Education Ministry. In addition, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission will provide 1,500 smart boards which will be distributed in 1,250 schools.

The objective of these plans is to provide a smart classroom from Grade 6 upwards within three years. The facilities are being provided under the school digitalisation programme, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha said. He said one of the objectives was to ensure that some schools which do not have teachers can have live transmissions from other schools where the same subject is being taught. A majority of the smart boards from China would be the receiving type while a small number will have the capability of transmitting facilities. Recorded versions of lessons will be made available. (DWI)

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