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A/Level class period before results to count in 80 percent attendance

Tuesday, 21st of May 2024

The Education Ministry has issued fresh instructions to be followed when starting school for students who just completed their GCE Ordinary Level Examination. The instructions follow the circular issued on May 15. During the pilot project of starting Advanced Level classes in schools before the release of Ordinary Level results, school staff have to note that when students are temporarily attached to Advanced Level streams, that time period should be included in the 80 percent attendance, which is mandatory for sitting Advanced Level exams. A student’s temporary attachment to a school and obtaining education would be considered a priority when students need to obtain admission to another school based on the results of the GCE Ordinary Level examination.

Accordingly, when students apply for another school according to GCE Ordinary Level results, the principal of the school to which the student is temporarily attending has to provide a report on the student’s attendance, participation and extra-curricular activities during their temporary attendance. Government-approved private schools could also carry out the pilot project for their students who sat the Ordinary Level exams. (KW)

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