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Applications called to fill vacant principal positions

Thursday, 21st of March 2024

The Education Ministry has called for applications to fill vacant Grade 1 education administrative service principal positions at national schools. According to directives issued by the education services committee of the public services commission, applications have been called from education administrative service Grade I officials, to fill the vacant principal positions in schools. The ministry had requested the applicants to submit applications before Thursday, March 28. Applicants should submit letters certifying that the applicant is of Administrative Grade I to qualify for the position.

Officials deemed unsuited to be appointed as principals in National schools by the education services committee or the public services commission are unable to submit applications. The applicants should not exceed 58 years of age, yet that would not apply if the official is already working as an acting principal of a national school, or carrying out duties for the same post. The officials who would be appointed as principals should remain at least three years in the given position. If an officer is appointed to the position of principal, he/she could not refuse to carry out duties of the post without submitting fair reasoning.

Applicants should prepare the application in an A4 paper and post it via registered post to: Additional Secretary, Education Services Branch, Education Ministry, Isurupaya, Battaramulla. The left corner of the envelope should have ‘Post of Principal – SLEAS – I’ marked. The application form should have a 2×21/2 photograph pasted on the top corner of the right side. Applicants should have fulfilled qualifications before or on the date of the deadline of the application submission. Qualifications as well as certificates obtained after the final submission date would not be considered. Any documentation or certificate submitted afterwards would not be accepted. -KW

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