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Hot Emotions and Cold Dedications

Thursday, 25th of January 2024

As a corporate trainer and life coach, I am paid by leading companies to conduct programmes at the beginning of the year programmes. One thing I always tell them is that we Sri Lankans have very hot emotions and dreams. Yet, we are extremely cold in dedicating ourselves to the implementation. How many personal plans have we written in our diaries, merely to be devoured by bookworms? Our dreams were born and dead inside our diaries itself. On the 1st of January 2024, we all began work with new attire and a set of fresh thoughts, dreams, and wishes.

Those thoughts and wishes will go down the drain just as it happened year after year in history, if we continue to keep moving with cold dedication. Hot emotions, in other words, hot dreams require to be backed by a strong dedication. When I was young, I loved watching Karate Films. As I walked out of the film hall, I felt as though I was Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, or some other person of that caliber. As I have never had a strong dedication to practicing karate, I never became a karate star. Emotions and Motivation will never bear fruit unless you fuel them with hot dedication.

Every successful character in this world has continuously fueled their hot emotions with hot dedication whereas those who are struggling have constantly failed to back up their aspirations with strong implementation strategies. One of my previous drivers possessed a hot emotion of educating his son to become an engineer. I saw him working hard and tirelessly toward his dream. He even had a small anthurium plant nursery as a side business to earn an additional income apart from his regular job as a driver. Not only was his dream hot, but his commitment was also equally hot. It was equal to his hot emotion, motivation, and inspiration.

Somehow, he was able to send his son to Australia and educate him to become an engineer. I share this courageous story as much as possible as I want the people of my country to understand that hot commitment can drive you towards your hot dreams. There is no other way, rather than going through the battle. Going around or going backward will not lead you toward your destination. Development is a journey thus you cannot grow overnight. Learning and development must be your key focus if you want to succeed in life.

I was a real mess during the first chapter of my life. But when I started life for the second time, I spent a generous amount of time to diagnose my inner self Just as I visit the doctor to diagnose my physical body. As there was a lot to be cleansed, corrected, discarded, and neutralised. I hated myself at the end of the first chapter of my life, but my focus on growth and commitment towards change made me fond of myself bit by bit. The more I backed my hot emotions with hot dedication, I began to grow from a seed into a sapling then a plant and finally, now I am a tree.

I have come to realise that I still need to work towards certain areas in order to purify myself to become a gigantic tree, so that I can conclude my cause in this world successfully. May it be passion or hot emotions you have towards your dreams, it has the tendency to grow cold. Any strong inclination could weary whenever they meet strong challenges that could decline that inclination. That is the reason we should be well focused and have an unwavering commitment. Our attitude should be able to convert our weaknesses into strengths. Many worry about their weaknesses. It is as though you are scratching your wound instead of seeking medication to heal it.

Worrying steals commitment and leads you towards the very costly penalty of anxiety. Worrying will always steal the present, when the present is stolen the cultivation comes to a halt, as cultivation never takes place in the past nor the future, it only takes place in the present. Just as a bird born in a cage assumes that flying is an illness, people who are imprisoned in their worries believe that flying high in life is not meant for them. In 1962, Decca one of the renown names in the recording industry rejected a group of aspiring musicians during their audition in Liverpool under the impression that they would not amount to much.

Yet, these aspiring musicians did not allow the storms of rejection to steal away their hot emotions of becoming a world-famous musical band. Rather, their rejection further inspired them to commit more towards their hot dreams. Ultimately, they became one of the most powerful musical bands the world has ever experienced, they are the well-known ‘Beatles’. Your commitment can transform your generation. I came from a very poor family but now my children are rich. I was called a drug addict but today the world calls me an astonishing personality.

You cannot hold onto a hot dedication if your mental energy is diverted towards unnecessary battles. Recently, I realised that I was investing too much of my mental energy and my powerful thinking towards bitterness and anger. After a few days I found that I had been wasting my precious mental resource on an unproductive battle. Moreover, I had been growing thorns that needed a greater effort to be removed. You do not have to fight every battle that comes your way. Some battles are won by not fighting back. I was fighting an unnecessary battle for a couple of days.

Select your battles wisely. What would be the outcome if you utilise your fertiliser on a weed cultivation whereas you ought to be using it on your vegetable cultivation? Protect your heart as the thoughts you nurture can destroy your dreams. Safe guard your heart and mind. Do not allow corruptive seeds to be planted within them as it will be a waste of your mental energy and your other resources. I swiftly decided to transform, request for forgiveness from that person and move forward towards my original dreams and aspirations. Therefore, be careful and mindful to shut your mind gates as corruptive thoughts and negative emotions can turn your hot and positive emotions lukewarm, just as some stray dogs enter and destroy your beautiful garden. Make sure you make 2024 a year of implementation and not merely a year of dreaming.

This nation has had so many themes and dreams since 1948. Yet, we are begging from the whole world. Stop blaming the 225 in the parliament as we are the ones responsible for our lives. Instead, keep fighting your own battles with hot dreams equally powered by hot dedication. Do not deviate from your hot dreams as the cost of deviation could be very high and it may not only affect you but your children may also reap the poisonous fruits of your deviation. That slight deviation I experienced last week was after a very long and outstandingly successful journey. However, I quickly aligned myself to my original dreams and aspirations. Deviation could happen to you as passion has the tendency to leak due to unexpected hits. Be well focused and commit an unwaveringly hard and hot implementation until you reach your dreams and aspiration.

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