Revolutionising Sri Lanka’s HR Practices, CIPM and SLSI Unveil National HRM Standards

Tuesday, 14th of May 2024

On a momentous occasion, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (CIPM) and the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) unveiled the National Human Resource Management (HRM) Standards on April 30th, 2024, at the prestigious Blu Orbit by Citrus. This event, graced by esteemed Chief Guest Hon. Minister Manusha Nanayakkara, Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, and Guest of Honor Dr. Asanga Ranasinghe, Chairman of SLSI, alongside CIPM President Mr. Ken Vijayakumar, marked a significant milestone in the country’s HRM landscape.

Chief Guest Hon. Minister Manusha Nanayakkara emphasised the importance of National HRM Standards, stating, “We are embarking on a new journey to ensure that every Sri Lankan worker benefits from standardised, equitable, and exemplary HR practices.” He stressed the critical role of standardised HRM practices in driving economic growth and social development. He further stated the government’s commitment to supporting initiatives like the National HRM Standards, highlighting their potential to rebuild Sri Lanka for future challenges.

Minister Nanayakkara praised the collaborative efforts of CIPM and SLSI in spearheading this initiative and appreciated the role of CIPM: “This alignment underscores CIPM’s dedication to improving employment standards at a time when the global spotlight is shining on labour rights and achievements.” Established in 1959 as the Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (IPM), it was later rebranded as the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) in 2018. It aims to enhance HR practices in Sri Lanka. Mandated by law, CIPM SL regulates people management practices, holds membership in APFHRM, and is affiliated with WFPMA.

Collaborating with the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), CIPM embarked on creating comprehensive national HRM standards. Under the visionary leadership of Mr Jayantha Amarasinghe, Immediate Past President of CIPM, National HR Standards were formulated, and the Sectoral Community was established. Chaired by Mr Dhammika Fernando, the Sectoral Committee, consisting of Ms Ruwani Senevirathne (Secretary), Mr Priyantha Ranasinghe, Prof. Ajantha Dharmasiri, Mr Aruna Jayasekera, Mr C. Hewapattini, Dr. Chandana Jayawardhane, Mr Dhammika Kobbekaduwa, Mr Sanjaya Walpita, and Dr Sanjaya Jayasuriya, collectively ensured that the National HRM Standards maintain the highest standards of professionalism and innovation.

The National HRM Standards comprehensively cover six critical areas of HR practice: HR Strategy and Planning, HR Organizational Governance, HR Service Delivery, HR Development and Performance, HR Measurement and Analytics, and HR Ethics and Professionalism. Mr Ken Vijayakumar, President of CIPM, highlighted that the newly launched standards will establish a national framework for HRM, ensuring uniformity in practices that elevate quality, consistency, and credibility. Developed through rigorous research, consultations, and validation, these standards offer clear guidelines for HR excellence and self-assessment tools for practitioners and institutions to enhance performance.

Aligning HR policies with global benchmarks fosters continuous improvement and innovation while recognising and rewarding HR excellence. Mr Vijayakumar emphasised that these standards will cultivate a culture of professionalism, contributing to national prosperity and sustainable development goals. The National HRM standards were launched in the esteemed presence of key stakeholders, the sectoral committee tasked with establishing the National HRM Standards, the distinguished Head of HRs representing various industries, the CIPM President and Executive Council members, esteemed Past Presidents, individuals comprising the Standing Committee on setting up People Management Standards, Certification, & Accreditation, as well as the esteemed Senior Management of the CIPM.

Dr Asanga Ranasinghe, Chairman of SLSI and Guest of Honour hailed the launch as a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s journey towards economic development in a rapidly changing world. He commended CIPM for its pivotal role in formulating the national standards in collaboration with SLSI. Dr. Ranasinghe emphasised the importance of garnering support from all relevant parties for the smooth execution of these standards. With the introduction of these standards, CIPM and SLSI are paving the way for a future where HR practices in Sri Lanka are not just on par with global best practices but are driving organisational success and societal prosperity.

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