Lyceum Campus takes Teacher Education to New Heights with the Launch of BEd Hons (Primary Education)

Thursday, 1st of February 2024

The Lyceum Education Group, renowned as the largest employer of private school teachers in Sri Lanka, and distinguished for its remarkable track record in producing a multitude of professional educators who consistently contribute to making a positive societal impact, has embarked on another educational voyage. This entails the introduction of the Bachelor of Education Honours in Primary Education, designed for both students and educators driven by a burning passion to elevate their teaching careers and delve deeper into the essence of effective teaching.

The unveiling of the new program was marked by a press conference held on Wednesday, 24th January, at the Lyceum Campus premises. The event was graced by the board of directors of the Lyceum Education Group, primary school teachers from prominent schools in Colombo, and numerous members of the press and media. Teachers are considered to be a focal point in a student's educational journey, holding a role akin to parents in shaping a child's future and fostering them into well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society and give back to their country.

Teachers are not merely instructors; they are mentors, coaches, motivators, lifelong inspirations, and reliable friends to their students. Regrettably, many teachers in this era have veered away from these values and principles, assuming the basic role of instructors and test administrators, instead of dedicating themselves to extracting the best from their students and nurturing them into future leaders. Moreover, many private teachers in Sri Lanka pursue subject-specific teaching qualifications rather than following a qualification that would enable them to become better overall educators such as a Bachelor of Education.

As a solution to this pressing issue, the Bachelor of Education Honours in Primary Education was introduced by the Lyceum Campus as a programme designed to incorporate emerging areas in Primary Education, innovative methods and strategies and sophisticated technologies for learning/teaching to cater to the changing needs of the local and international education system. The outcome of this program is to produce a full-fledged Primary Teacher with versatile characteristics and professional competencies needed for the advancements in the field of primary education.

In response to a question asked by a member of the media on how this qualification would assist current teachers in improving the quality of teaching, Dr.Mohan Lal Grero, the Founder of Lyceum International School and the Deputy President of the Lyceum Campus, a pioneer who revolutionized the education system in Sri Lanka replied “First of all let me assure you that the Bachelor of Education Honours in Primary Education is not a traditional degree programme, but I see it more as a manual that helps breakdown the intricacies of teaching methods and make it more digestible to future teachers & students.

One of the main highlights of this qualification is the ‘Teaching Practicum” which is a practical component embedded in the programme structure designed to develop the skills of the students. It consists of a paid internship that is scattered throughout the programme where students will have the unique opportunity to work as teachers in one of the Lyceum Leaf schools during the fourth, seventh and eighth semesters of the programme. The “Teaching Practicum” also consists of school observations where students will be provided with an opportunity to observe and witness a teacher in a real-life setting so they can get first-hand experience with the behaviour and teaching methods of an experienced teacher.

Further, the programme allows students to build their confidence and put the theories they have learned during classes into practice by engaging in a role-play as a teacher and delivering a lecture to their peers in a classroom setting. The combination of all these aspects will place this programme as one of the most sought-after education qualifications in Sri Lanka and produce teachers who would teach students with a greater purpose and conviction” Students with three passes in A/L in any stream can enrol in the BEd Hons (Primary Education).

The programme has been recognized by the University Grant Commission (UGC), placing it as one of the most recognized teaching qualifications in the country and overseas. When questioned about the reasons for the shortage of qualified teachers in the country, Professor Mohan De Silva, President of the Lyceum Campus added “One of the main reasons for this shortage is lack of awareness and proper teaching qualifications that would train teachers for the real life setting. Most of the qualifications in Sri Lanka are focused on teaching the theoretical component rather than focusing on teaching and equipping students with the skills and knowledge required to deal with different types of students.

Every student is different, and a good teacher will know the strengths and weaknesses of the student and will inspire, support and encourage to get the best out of them. I firmly believe that this is a great programme with great potential. I encourage all students who are keen on making teaching their career and also those teachers who desire to take their teaching career to the next level to join this program. I can guarantee you that your life and career will change for the better” Lyceum Campus has also introduced a range of scholarships for high achievers with the scope of supporting them financially. Students who have achieved 3 B’s or above in their A/L will be eligible for a scholarship of 50% of the first year tuition fees whereas students who have achieved 3 C’s and above will receive a scholarship of 20%.

Mr. Nilanka Imbuldeniya - Director General of the Lyceum Education Group commented on the recognition of the programme overseas: “Since the Bachelor of Education has been recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Sri Lanka, you can rest assured that universities in Australia, Canada, UK and many other countries will accept this programme as entry into their master degrees. In comparison to the entry requirements of postgraduate programmes in fields such as IT, Engineering, and Business where equivalent qualifications will be considered for entry, for entry into postgraduate studies in Education, a Bachelor of Education is compulsory.

Therefore, choosing the BEd Hons (Primary Education) is an ideal qualification for those who desire to pursue their postgraduate studies abroad” The demand for qualified teachers who can make a substantial impact in the Sri Lankan education system has become of paramount importance. Lyceum Campus, with its BEd Hons (Primary Education), hopes to bridge that gap by providing an unmatched qualification that will elevate teachers and the field of teaching in Sri Lanka to new heights.

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