ANC-Monash Graduates Drive Their Startup Forward

Friday, 29th of June 2018

Vishvajith Wijesinghe and Anuja Fernando launched their future with ANC when they were enrolled on ANC’s Australian Degree Transfer Program right after A-levels completed in Trinity College and S. Thomas’ College respectively. They transferred to Monash University and graduated in 2013 before they cofounded Potensure Pvt. Ltd. that helps international students directly access services that are essential to settle in Australia.

Potensure’s growth strategy is based on widening their service network, to expand their presence across the globe, and integrity, loyalty, and commitment are the core values that propel them towards success. They launched Potensure Mobile App at a well-attended event held at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel recently. The app will connect international students with Australian service providers for essential services, including accommodation, air tickets, airport pickups, and part-time jobs, FREE of charge. ANC congratulates Vishvajith and Anuja on their entrepreneurial efforts and success! Given below are some excerpts from the interview with Vishvajith, the Director/ CEO of Potensure:

Q: What attracted you to ANC’s Australian Degree Transfer program?

My sister also transferred to Monash University through ANC’s Australian Transfer Program. My parents wanted me to follow the same pathway, so I started my bachelor’s in management at ANC in 2010, with a scholarship offered in recognition of my high school career: I was the rugby captain of Trinity College in 2009 and had participated in the Bradby four times during my stay at Trinity. ANC ensured that we were well prepared to continue our studies in Australia.

Q: What inspired you to start Potensure?

I always wanted to stand out in our world of sameness, to do something different with my knowledge, skills, and experience as an international student in Australia. Even though we were ready to pursue our education in Australia, adjusting to the new life wasn’t very easy because we were away from our usual supports, networks, and resources. Sometimes it can be a stressful experience that can even prevent students from enjoying their classes and college life. I

t’s a hard life outside the university for some students as they go through a lot of things like lack of affordable housing, exploitation in work places, issues with transportation, etc. Potensure is to help them unleash their potential and focus on a successful career in Australia from day one. Anuja also embraced my idea for the startup and has been the greatest strength throughout as the Managing Director of our company.

Q : What are your services available?

We are a one stop shop for all essential needs such as accommodation, jobs, mobile phone packages, airport pickups, vehicles, money transfer, air tickets, loan facilities, tax agents, migration lawyers, and car rentals. We are also able to provide special offers through our exclusive partnership with a number of service providers.

Q: How does it work?

Anybody can create his/ her free Potensure account and access the Potensure Knowledge Hub for all the information they need prior to purchasing any service. They directly communicate with the service providers, free of charge and organize things even before their arrival in Australia. They need to update the account to ensure that they get the most out of Potensure throughout their stay in Australia. One can even opt for our Total Care Package for extra benefits.

Visit them at www.potensure. for more information.

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