AOD presents ‘MY FUTURE MATTERS’ to introduce the most in-demand power skills for the future

Sunday, 24th of June 2018

An insightful open house will guide young students to explore the most essential skills of the future as recognized by the World Economic Forum

The world is changing and the gap between the current capabilities and what the consumer demands is becoming more pronounced which is driving businesses to look for more unusual skills and demand for more creativity in their workforce. With this in mind, AOD will be presenting ‘MY FUTURE MATTERS’ an open house which aims to educate after O/L and A/L students on how they can develop these power skills through design. The highlights of the event will include studio sessions, inspirational talks, designer meet-and-greets, the chance to be part of a mini fashion show from behind-the-scenes to the runway and many more.

By 2020 skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity will be the top 3 most in-demand skills as concluded by the ‘Future of Jobs’ Report by the World Economic Forum. At the centre of these skills is innovative thinking which needs to be developed from a young age, so that students are able to access some of the best careers of the future. Design has become a major element in all the mega industries in the country such as apparel, hospitality & tourism and tea as well as many others as they rely on design- e r s to add value to their businesses. It is a career which relies on an individual’s take on the world contributed to by their thinking and knowledge gained through the right standard of education.

Therefore a designer can serve as a rare asset to a company, enhancing the business and ensuring that it stays relevant as time goes by and technological and social advancements come in to play. ‘My Future Matters’ will shed light to how a young student can take the first step towards a career in design through education and real industry experience. It is specially organized to make students and parents aware of the endless opportunities available in design for students who are at the verge of choosing a path for their higher education.

The participants will be introduced to the different education paths of fashion design, fashion design and marketing, visual communication design, interior architectural design and animation design and how gaining knowledge and developing skills in these fields of design could lead to highly lucrative careers in the future where one can independently work under their own design firm or join any industry such as apparel, architecture, advertising, hospitality, entertainment, automotive and many more. Design is a path which encompasses a variety of essential skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, people management etc.

Therefore an education in design could lead to some specialized careers of the future, some of which might not even be in existent today. The students will be able to draw inspiration from the career success stories of alumni who have managed to become top performers of the respective industries they work in, be it as a fashion designer, art director, interior designer, visual effects artist or a fashion marketer. They will also be engaged in studio sessions that will portray some of the components of studying in design and basic design concepts which will give them an understanding of the type of thinking and skills that can be gained through design. It is expected to be a promising session which would shed light to some of the more interesting career opportunities out there which students will be able to access through design.

‘My Future Matters’ will be held on Saturday 30th June from 10.00am – 4.00pm. Call 0775727772 to pre-register for MY FUTUR MATTERS and discover the series of free events, workshops, talks, and focused career guidance sessions. For more information on the careers of tomorrow and how creativity plays a central dynamic in them, stay tuned to AOD’s official digital channels www.facebook. com/AODSriLanka, or contact AOD on 011586772/3 or email [email protected]

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