Do you have what it takes to be a CEO?

Saturday, 23rd of June 2018

Admit it. You know it is true. We all feel a touch of awe and a lot of respect when someone has it: the CEO title: the power, the salary, the ride, the persona; to be ‘The Boss.’ Who is the CEO? Being the chief operating officer, or CEO, of a company represents the pinnacle of success for most professionals. The journey to this prestigious title is often arduous and is a combination of exceptional leadership and experience. The CEO is the head of the organization. The role of the CEO is synonymous with the glory, the fame – and the responsibility

The responsibility

A CEO’s responsibilities include ‘everything’. The CEO is responsible for the success or f a i l u re of the company. Operations, marketing, strategy, financing, creation of company culture, human resources, hiring, firing, compliance with safety regulations, sales, PR, etc. it all falls on the CEO’s shoulders. With all the responsibility that is taken on, it is not everyone who has what it takes to be the next CEO of any organization. It is not for the weak hearted. It is a role that is only meant for a select few.

The personality

“Remember, before they promoted to the chair of CEO, they were the best employees of their companies.” states Amit Kalantri, a Best Selling Indian author. A great CEO is a great leader. They are self-confident and they believe in themselves. A great CEOO is a problem solver. They know how to see the best in a situation and see the glass as half full and not half empty. A great CEO is respected and others look to them for guidance and opinions.

Why be a follower when you can be a leader?

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