Tailor your appetite; Hotdog Showdown 2018 is just round the corner. Come hungry!

Sunday, 11th of February 2018

Don’t waste up your weekend by just staying at home spending hours deciding which movie to watch. Instead, take a walk in the park and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze around you. Even tagging along with few friends wouldn’t matter, as long as you have a legendary story to share by the end of the day. Each day brings about a mystery, a challenge and not to forget the wonderful memories close to heart. Your legendary story depends on how you live it. On the 17th of February 2018, make the scene of your legendary story with your friends. Spend your day at Green Path, Colombo and be a part of the talk of the town as the Rotaract Club of IIT hosts ‘Hotdog Showdown 2018’.

Captivating the hearts of many for the past five years, Hotdog Showdown (HDS) is the most renowned hot dog eating competition as of now. This year, Hotdog Showdown would treat you with well known crispy soft sizzling sausages, sandwiched between an oven baked fresh bun for all contestants. What more could you ask for, when you become a part of the ultimate showdown you gain the privilege to have as many hot dogs as you like. This year, the hot dogs provided will be Halal certified, which would make the contest even more challenging due to the increase in the numbers of prospective participants. Through the years, there has been a notable increase in the audience which paved the way for this event to be one of the talked about grounds for social gatherings.

Having stated that, RACIIT would set-up a variety of food stalls and many exciting game stalls for anyone to knock around with, building up the environment for an unforgettable food festival. This unfastens the seatbelts of our contest spectators and allows all attendees to enjoy the event even if they do not take part in the contest. It doesn’t stop there. Imagine if you could meet your favorite celebrities. You could capture some memories and share the excitement with all your friends. This experience would without doubt, put you on the center stage amongst all your friends and family. You also get a chance to watch and support your favorite celebrities during the celebrity challenge as they try to complete as many hotdogs as they can.

Be there as these personalities unravel more of their capabilities and witness the power of their appetite. Stay updated with all the sizzling information you hear and get your appetite ready for the ultimate challenge. Make your weekend something you could talk about for a long time. Do not miss your chance of a legendary story.

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