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Thursday, 8th of February 2018

Dealing with practices such as stem cel l research, tissue engineering, the creation of artificial organs and limbs, nanotechnology, surgeries performed by robots and the development of synthetic drugs for diseases like cancer, and highly sought after in pathology centers, forensic science laboratories, research institutions and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries on a global scale, Biomedical Science has become the foundation of modern healthcare and medicine, playing a key role at the forefront of the healthcare industry .

The career in bio medical science will make a great deal of sense for those who want to play an integral role in the field of medical research, disease prevention and innovation. Amongst the many universities and institutions offering degrees in this discipline, The Management & Science University’s (MSU)life sciences sector is one of the most innovative and collaborative, offering a vibrant academic community, working closely with several worldleading science institutions. They have been recognized by WHO, association of Medical education in Europe (ANEE), Malaysia Medical council (MMC), Sri Lanka Medical council (SLMC) & Maldives Medical council (MMC). Additionally, MSU Malaysia is 217th University in Asia ranked by QS World University ranking 2018 in the top 1.8% among Asia’s best Universities.

MSU is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and recognized by the University Grant Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka. MSU’s Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences accredited degree program, tailored to meet the various evolving needs of the profession and covers the key foundations of biomedical sciences which will be an ideal choice for a student interested to pursue this field of work as a career. Encompassing a vibrant research community that includes researchers engaged in understanding the scientific basis of many of the major scientific questions facing the world of biomedical research today.

MSU’s degree will provide the opportunity for students to develop and broaden their knowledge and research skills, prepare for future employmentand enablesstudents to develop their understanding and ability to contribute to solve the major biomedical challenges facing society in the future. With MSU’s impressive reputation in the biomedical sciences that is based on many years of expertise in designing programs and teaching biomedical sciences, and their top rated suite of degrees delivers proven pathways to graduate medicine, biomedical research, the allied health professions and a wide range of other careers including medical diagnostics.

As a MSU biomedical graduate, the core knowledge and work-ready practical skills gained will be highly regarded, internationally by medical schools, hospitals, allied health professions, medical research institutes, government research organizations, pathology and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Students will learn from internationally recognized teachers and researchers, leaders in their field who are approachable, enthusiastic educators. Students will benefit from a personalized approach that puts the emphasis on developing their knowledge and skills for academic and professional success.

They will have opportunities to take part in research projects and professional development activities in world-class environments. The overall aim of the program is designed for students to develop an advanced understanding of the development, structure and function of bio medical science. Throughout the program there is an emphasis on laboratory work that is a substantial component of the course, where top-rated research staff are involved in planning and teaching the degree programs. Students will acquire and put into practice the research methods skills necessary to investigate mechanisms and develop knowledge in this field.

Learning’s and techniques are provided to develop key experimental, data handling and reporting skills , where students learn how the human body functions, what causes disease and how disease is treated. A sound theoretical base encompassing the study of anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology and pharmacology, complemented by extensive lab experience and industry practice. In the first year, students will study Organic Chemistry, Biostatistics, Biochemistry and Physiology. In the second year, the students will have the opportunity to study Immunology and Serology, Medical Parasitology, Hematology and Phlebotomy as wel l as Histopathology.

In the third year and final year, the emphasis will be on in-depth subjects such as Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory I & II, Neuropharmacology and students will be send for internship training to gain practical experience in an actual workplace. Developing good practical, analytical and transferable skills applicable to a wide range of employment opportunities, including pharmaceutical research, pathology, diagnosis, clinical trials and data management, students will be encouraged to exercise independence, initiative and responsibility and appreciate the need for continual professional development.

The strong practical emphasis of the degree program will add to a portfolio of transferable skills, increasing employability in the numerous career paths that will be available. Setting up the building blocks students will need to develop and enhance their understanding and knowledge in Bio medical sciences, MSU cultivates their graduates to excel in the industry by receivinga degreethat has gained a reputation for excellence amongst

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