After A/L’s British Degrees and Higher National Diploma’s at ICBT Campus

Tuesday, 9th of January 2018

Now that the A/L results are out, only a selected few who have done tremendously well would have the opportunity to enter the local government system to study for a Bachelors degree programme. It is the dream and aspiration of every student who sits for the GCE A/L examination to become a graduate, likewise it is also the wish of every parent to see their children becoming graduates, but not all get the opportunity though they have done well in the A/L examination.

High cut-off marks (Z Scores) are in a way designed to limit the number of students that can be accommodated in the local government Universities and the inability to bear high costs associated with going overseas to obtain degrees kill the dreams of vast majority of students of obtaining a Degree and becoming Graduates to face the challenges of the future. ICBT Campus the leader in private sector education in Sri Lanka has been offering great opportunities for students to obtain world class British Degrees in many disciplines since 1999.

In association some of the best British Universities, ICBT Campus offers Bachelors Degrees in IT, Business Management, Psychology, construction & Engineering; Studying at ICBT Campus for foreign Degree programs has many advantages, one could complete a bachelors Degree at a fraction of the cost. There is no compromise in quality or delivery of the programme. All programmes are quality assured and academically controlled by the respective Universities and degrees are conferred as “Internal Qualifications”.

British Degree programmes at ICBT Campus can be fully completed in Sri Lanka or students have the option to transfer 100% credit to respective partner University in UK at any stage to complete the degree. Or the student could even complete the degree in Sri Lanka and attend the graduation ceremony in UK to receive the degree. ICBT also holds an impressive Graduation ceremony in Sri Lanka for those who wish to obtain the Degree in Sri Lanka.

This graduation ceremony is well represented by the foreign partner Universities which include Vice Chancellors, Deans and programme leaders giving the student the total experience of studying for a Foreign Degree programme. ICBT offers the only purpose built private Campus in Colombo, 100,000 sq ft facility located on duplication Colombo 4 offers state-of-the-art facilities on par with European Campuses. Other branches of ICBT Campus are located in Nugegoda, Kandy, Matara, Gallle, Kurunegala, Baticalloa and Jaffna.

Facilities at ICBT Campus include modern A/C Lecture halls with audio visual equipment, modern Computer labs, engineering labs with comprehensive libraries at all branches, cafeterias, and recreational activities to provide Recruitment for degree programmes for those who have completed the GCE A/L examinations are now open in all branches. In just two and a half to three years you also can become a Graduate with a British Degree, who will be a cut above the rest and be sought after by many local and foreign employers.

After A/L’s British Degrees and Higher National Diploma’s at ICBT Campus More information about ICBT Campus and the degree programmes can be found at www. or telephone 4 777 888 for personalized advice on programmes that are available.

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