“Unleashing Problem Solvers” a perfect guide to a disciplined society

Monday, 2nd of October 2017

TISSL Intl Conference for Heads of Schools: 17-19 November at Wadduwa

The International Schools’ of Sri Lanka (TISSL), which is an association of premier international schools in Sri Lanka, was formed in 2001 with the main aim of fostering good relationships with its 25 member schools. The association also organizes annual international conferences with heads and decision-makers of member international schools and non-member international schools, state schools and private schools in the region in order to exchange best practices and enhance the quality of teaching-learning practices in schools. 

As the international school sector in Sri Lanka keeps growing, it is inevitable that this trend will soon affect the overall landscape of education in the country and with the rise of the private school network, decision makers from these schools are yet to understand the extent of this expansion, where only a few are fully prepared to adapt to this growth as well as any other unknown developments.   

This year’s TISSL Conference will take place at the cross roads between extensive infrastructure development of educational institutions in the government sector as well as educational institutions in the private sector. With this in mind, the Chairperson of the TISSL Association leading the TISSL Conference Organizing Committee - Kumari Grero and her team, identified a timely theme for this conference – “Unleashing Problem Solvers”. Under this theme, three reputed professionals from foreign countries have been invited to share their expertise to school leaders and decision makers in Sri Lanka’s international schools community, in order to help them identify and tackle any upcoming issues during the planning phase of this infrastructure development.   

Pearson and Cambridge International Education are the ‘Principal Sponsors’ of this event and will each host a prominent speaker to share their expertise related to the theme of the conference. The British Council teamed up as a ‘Co-Sponsor’ and will sponsor Sir Michael Wilshaw, who will grace this event as the Chief Guest and deliver the key note address to participants. With over 50 years of experience in education and successful incumbencies as the former Chief Inspector of Schools in England and the former head of Ofsted, his insights on education will be extremely beneficial and relevant to the theme of this conference. Another ‘Co-Sponsor’ of this event is Monash University.   

The TISSL conference will also highlight and demonstrate TISSL’s commitment to bring best practices of world class education and foster close co-operation between member schools and all other schools in Sri Lanka who are faced with this challenge. A variety of presentation formats await all participants, which include the key note address as well as other speeches backed by multi-media presentations, speech moderation and interactive group activities. A dance item and choir performance will also add colour and value to the three day event.   

As this conference is a unique platform and an international forum to exchange ideas and experiences, the TISSL association warmly welcomes and encourages all school leaders and professionals in the field of education to attend this conference and benefit from this rare opportunity where like-minded individuals can come together and form new alliances, whilst exchanging perspectives that would aid in the betterment of our country’s education system for generations to come.     


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