Empowering Minds: APIIT Kandy Inaugurates the Student Research Workshop Series

Tuesday, 5th of March 2024

In a dynamic academic environment characterised by innovation and collaboration, Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) – Kandy Campus takes a bold step forward with the inauguration of its much-anticipated research workshop series. This series of research workshops aims to train students of Law, Computing and Business at APIIT Kandy Campus to conduct rigorous research in preparation for the upcoming “APIIT International Research Conference 2024.”

The event was graced by Ms. Bhavani Fonseka, Attorney-at-Law and a Senior Researcher of the Centre for Policy Alternatives. In her speech she highlighted how research is essential for addressing the complex challenges that confront our society. Whether it be combating corruption, alleviating poverty, or promoting social justice, research provides us with the knowledge and evidence-based solutions needed to tackle these pressing issues effectively.

She further stated that this workshop series is a timely venture as research fosters collaboration and cross-disciplinary dialogue effecting positive change and shaping a better future for generations to come. The event later transitioned into an engaging panel discussion featuring Dr Chathura Warnasuriya, Head of APIIT Law School, Dr Hasuli Perera, Head of APIIT Business School, Dr Rohantha Athukorala, Head of APIIT Graduate School and Mr. Gamindu Hemachandra, Head of APIIT School of Computing.

The panel discussion became very interactive with the audience raising sensitive issues such as ethical implications of artificial intelligence, data privacy and the social impact of research. The inauguration ceremony officially kicked off a one-month workshop series where students will engage in cutting-edge research in emerging fields, exploring, discovering, and innovating while receiving inspiration from experienced scholars. By providing a platform for scholars to exchange ideas, showcase their work, and engage in fruitful discussions, APIIT seeks to nurture a vibrant research culture conducive to innovation and academic excellence.

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