News Offers Scholarship To Top GCE A/L Commerce Student, To Pursue the Prestigious ACCA Qualification

Friday, 17th of November 2023 introduces online and virtual learning experiences to students pursuing professional accountancy programmes in Sri Lanka, and has taken a significant stride by offering sponsorship to Dinulaka Methwan Sri Lanka’s 3rd ranked (English Medium Rank 1st) Commerce student in the 2022 GCE A/L examination, enabling him to pursue the prestigious Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification. ACCA is globally acknowledged for its comprehensive curriculum, encompassing a wide array of subjects that equips students with an extensive knowledge base.

Covering diverse domains such as Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Strategic Management, Tax and Law, Auditing, and integrating modern technological advancements across various fields, ACCA’s versatility and depth have cemented its reputation in Sri Lanka and beyond. Consequently, this opportunity extends a world of possibilities to Dinulaka, both within and beyond Sri Lanka should he opt for an international career. Hashan Waduge, the CEO of onlineaccounting. lk, articulated the significance of this scholarship, emphasizing that ACCA is an all-encompassing qualification that spans various subjects, facilitating knowledge enrichment across multiple domains.

Its global recognition renders ACCA a valuable asset for those aspiring to pursue a professional career, even on an international scale. Furthermore, the ACCA pathway offers the unique advantage of concurrently attaining both a professional and an academic qualification. Dinulaka’s remarkable achievement is a source of pride not only for onlineaccounting. lk but also for his A/L Accounting Lecturer, Lakshitha Ratnayake, who underscored the pivotal role of professional qualifications in the commerce stream. Lakshitha said that he consistently encourages students to pursue professional qualifications alongside their degree programmes.

Some students embark on their professional qualifications while still studying for their A/Ls, while others commence their journey post-A/ Ls. Dinulaka’s achievement in securing 3rd place in the commerce stream of the 2022 GCE A/L examination reflects his dedication and potential to soon become a qualified ACCA member. Dinulaka stated that for him the appeal of ACCA was twofold. Firstly, he said it offered a comprehensive curriculum that spans a wide range of subjects, facilitating an in-depth understanding of diverse areas.

Secondly, it was the fact that ACCA enjoys an esteemed reputation not only in Sri Lanka but also globally, making it a valuable professional qualification, even in the context of an international career. Additionally, pursuing ACCA provides the unique opportunity to concurrently attain an academic degree alongside the professional qualification. Nilusha Ranasinghe, Head of South Asia for ACCA added “onlineaccounting. lk’s commitment to offering this sponsorship is not just a financial contribution; it represents a deep commitment to nurturing educational excellence and recognizing outstanding talent.

ACCA’s commitment to empowering future professionals goes hand in hand with’s dedication to nurturing educational excellence. Together, we create opportunities for students to reach their full potential and make a significant impact in the world of accountancy and finance. This sponsorship is a testament to our joint commitment to recognizing outstanding talent and providing the necessary support for students to thrive in their academic and professional endeavors.”

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