Only two “re-sits” for first year undergrads at State unis: UGC

Wednesday, 7th of December 2022

Final-year students might receive more chances to complete exams

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is to introduce new guidelines preventing undergraduates from unnecessarily prolonging their university stay without completing their academic activities. Accordingly, students who sit their first-year exams and are compelled to repeat the exams will be given only two more opportunities to complete the exams. He said if students fail to complete the exams in the given period, they will be compelled to leave the university. The guidelines are due to be approved in two weeks.

They will be applicable to all universities and will be implemented immediately. The UGC also called on universities to submit details of undergraduates prolonging their stay in the universities without completing their exams. Further guidelines were due to be issued for second-year students as well. Accordingly, after the new guidelines were issued undergraduates who had remained in universities for several years without completing their exams would also be required to leave.

However, students in the final year were likely to be given leniency. The moves were initiated by recent revelations that some undergraduates, including student leaders, had remained in universities for six to seven years without completing their academic activities. Some students were continuing to occupy hostel facilities as well, the UGC added.


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