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English speaking to be introduced in Grade 1

Friday, 22nd of March 2024

The Education Ministry has launched an activity-based oral English (ABOE) programme to improve speaking and listening abilities of pupils in Grades 1-2. Children who begin Grade 1 this year will be enrolled in the ABOE programme. While English is taught in schools starting in Grade 3, it is essential for schoolchildren to have English speaking abilities from an early age. The Ministry has therefore put training programmes in place for the purpose of equipping primary teachers of Grades 1 and 2 for ABOE instruction under which 13,800 teachers have thus far received training.

Education Minister Dr Susil Premajayantha said that children should not be sent to school solely for the purpose of succeeding in examinations, as education is meant to provide them with knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Educational reforms call for a shift away from using examinations as the primary means of determining students’ knowledge. The proposed education reforms prioritise assessing children’s skills through practical activities, according to Minister Premajayantha. -NA

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