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Moves to restrict children bringing in mobile phones to schools

Sunday, 3rd of September 2023

A circular is due to be issued shortly restricting schoolchildren bringing in devices – such as mobile phones and tabs – to schools, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha told Education Times. He said that there was no requirement to bring in such devices now, though they were required during the Covid-19 pandemic period. A recent UNESCO report, too, has been released on the use of technology for education.

This report recommends that technology should be introduced into education on the basis of evidence showing that it would be appropriate, equitable, scalable and sustainable. “In other words, its use should be in learners’ best interests and should complement face-to-face interaction with teachers’, the report stated. “It should be seen as a tool to be used on these terms. Midway to the deadline, the 2023 Global Education Monitoring Report assesses the distance still to go to reach the 2030 education targets. “Education is the key to unlocking the achievement of other development objectives, not least the goal of technological progress,” the Global Education Monitoring report stated.

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