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Japanese aid provides school buildings in Kilinochchi

Friday, 11th of August 2023

Two school buildings developed with Japanese assistance in Kilinochchi were handed over at a ceremony attended by Japanese Ambassador in Sri Lanka Mizukoshi Hideaki on Friday. The project to construct two school buildings in Skanthapuram Village, Karachchi Division, Kilinochchi District, was implemented by Humanitarian Development Organisation (HDO) under the Japanese Government’s Grassroots Human Security Grant Aid.

Skanthapuram village was cleared of mines with the Japanese grant assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects. In this project, the Japanese Government provided US$ 88,819 to improve the learning environment for approximately 250 students by constructing two school buildings, including a library, and a classroom for students with special needs with a view to support families who have resettled in the mine-cleared areas.

In addition, the project also supported the provision of equipment such as classroom tables and chairs. The project will ensure students in the community have better access to quality education at school through the improved learning environment, the Japanese Embassy said.

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