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New system for admission of students to intermediary classes

Friday, 6th of January 2023

A new system for the admission of students for intermediary classes will be introduced shortly, Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha said. The scheme which applies from Grade 2 to 5 and Grade 6 to 11 will be made public within a month, enabling parents to apply for admission of their children. The admissions to these classes have been currently suspended and the new scheme will be effective only from the next term. Minister of Education, Susil Premajayantha had presented a cabinet proposal to introduce the new system for the admission of students from Grade 2 to Grade 11 (except Grade 6), which was accepted by the Cabinet.

Under the new scheme two different systems will be adopted for Provincial schools and National schools. The new system is expected to further streamline the current circular provisions to identify groups that really need to change their schools and to create fair and equal access opportunities to admit into intermediate grades. The new system would keep the maximum number of students for Grades 1-5 class at 40 and for Grades 6-11 at 45 unchanged. This would change the current system where the number of students in a classroom at times increases to over 50 students.

Under the proposed system, after accommodating students who have applied, the next priority should be given as and when vacancies arise or in the next year for those who are on the waiting list. Under the proposed system, all vacancies will be advertised so that the public are aware of existing vacancies. The Principals of the respective schools will be entrusted with conducting interviews. The Education Ministry will take up appeals in the event the students do not receive admission. “One of the reasons to introduce the new system is to minimise corruption in the admission of students,” he said. - DWI.SJA

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