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‘Sathimath Bawa Pihituweema’ school programme from next month onwards

Wednesday, 14th of December 2022

The Cabinet of Ministers accepted the proposal to introduce the ‘Sathimath Bawa Pihituweema’ (Establishing the right conscience) programme for school students this week. Measures have been taken to implement the ‘Sathimath Bawa Pihituweema’ programme initiated by the Education Ministry jointly with the Sathi Paasala Foundation. This is a programme of Udairiyagama Dhammajeewa Thera, the founder of the ‘Sathi School’.

The programme was expected to be implemented in every school in the island as an educational programme that assists to prevent the erroneous conduct of students by providing stimulation inside the school to strengthen their personality. Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers granted their concurrence for the proposal made by the Education Minister to implement a pilot programme every Wednesday from January 4 to March 24 next year, and continue the programme for ten minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 7.40 a.m. thereafter.

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