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AI - A Replacement To Human?

Monday, 9th of January 2023

Artificial Intelligence replacement to Human Intelligence!

Everyone is talking about AI and most of them are picturing it against humankind. Humans picture the future with AI as Man vs Machine. Movies like “Terminator”, “Skynet”, “Black Mirror”, “Blade Runner”, and “Iron Man”, all of which show the battle between machines and humans. Artificial intelligence is making machines smart and intelligent but is it for putting them in competition with humans? Recent developments in technology and artificial intelligence are fueling the debate on artificial intelligence replacing human intelligence as machines are making decisions.

The main argument is “Is the human workforce threatened to be replaced with artificial intelligence?” Are we leading to a world where artificial intelligence is a competition with humankind? Technologies like neural networks, natural language processing, robotics, virtual reality, and cognitive services are making machines intelligent in various areas. As a result, machines are able to make decisions the same way we do in our daily lives. Movies are presenting the scenario between Humans and machines as if they are fighting against each other to survive in this world whereas reality is not the same. In fact, the reality is the opposite of this one. What is the reality of the relationship between AI and humans? This article discusses the argument between artificial intelligence and human.


Many AI-powered applications are present in the market today and they have fast execution speeds, high operational efficiency, and better accuracy in decision-making with humans. We know that human intelligence stems from adaptive learning and personal experience. We, humans, do not depend on pre-fed data for learning. But machines aren’t like us. They need to learn before starting to predict and make decisions and for the learning phase, they need the data to learn from. Machines are created by humans and so is machine intelligence. The data required by the machine to learn before becoming intelligent is generated by humans.

The instructions on when and how to react are stated to the machine by humans and all this combines up to teach the machine about the intelligence we experience later. There is no way a machine can be self-reliant for any task just on the basis of machine intelligence or artificial intelligence. As artificial intelligence itself is relying on humans. The only reason we see these advanced machines, systems, or robots as aliens and are fearful of them is that we are not aware of the complete process a machine is attaining intelligence and taking out tasks without the help or involvement of humans. How does artificial intelligence make machines and systems intelligent? What is the role of humans in this process? Is AI really a threat to the human workforce? Let’s find out.


Artificial Intelligence is often called machine intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not a part of a machine that when installed in the system makes the system intelligent but is a process, a collection of steps performed in a certain manner to make the machine intelligent. Also, each new type of intelligence needs a new set of steps or processes to incur that intelligence into the machine. For example, if a machine needs to be intelligent enough to recognize a human face it must be sent through the steps of facial recognition intelligence which will make the machine intelligent enough to recognize faces up to a certain accuracy but this would not mean that this machine intelligence also recognizes the voices of those people. For making the machine able to recognize voices it must be sent through those sets of steps to develop voice recognition. The process of learning intelligence by machine is called Machine Learning. How are humans really involved in the process of Machine Learning? Is it possible for machines to learn themselves?

Machine Learning or Machine Teaching?

Machine intelligence is the result of machine learning and machine learning is the result of machine teaching. But what exactly is machine teaching? Machines are made intelligent by feeding them with tons of data and instructing them through algorithms on how to process the fed data and learn from it. The machine follows the instruction and uses the data to learn and then uses those learning in other situations similar to the data and in that situation the machine works and makes decisions and predictions giving the experience of machine intelligence or artificial intelligence. This complete process of machine learning is based on two things, the data and the algorithm. The key point we are trying to understand here is that both the data and the algorithms are created by humans and are the key point to generating machine intelligence. This means that the most fundamental step of artificial intelligence, machine learning, is completely based on humans, so there is no way that machine intelligence or artificial intelligence can ever replace humans. It is always and will always be the humans operating machines and machines being a help to humans.


The human brain works and learns through a system called the nerve system. The nerve system is considered the most complex system ever created and is working in the most complex way to give us human intelligence. Scientists and researchers are working to incorporate similar intelligence into machines through artificial intelligence and we are seeing many examples of systems powered by artificial intelligence doing miracles, like the smart artificial leg which can detect the motion of your muscle and can make the movement in the machine leg as if it’s the real leg.

Another smart system could detect eye movement to operate electronic devices and create music. Such examples of artificial intelligence-equipped systems explain that AI is here for helping humans with what they cannot do. AI is making processing faster which was not possible for humans, facial recognition systems are an example where machines can check thousands of images and detect the target which is impossible for a human brain. The accuracy of these systems is beyond the reach of the human brain. But still, the reason why AI cannot replace humans is the inability of machines to process emotional intelligence. Machines are not able to be intelligent by themselves, they are and will rely on humans for machine teaching.

Machines are able to be intelligent in technical tasks and record or recognize the cognitive aspect of the situation but they still aren’t able to tackle the emotional and social part of reality and the time of such an optimized system isn’t anywhere around. Machines need humans to monitor the processing and results for making the machine intelligence optimized and advanced. Human intelligence learns, develops, and gets optimized from everyday happenings and learnings on its own, whereas this isn’t the case with artificial intelligence. If a machine is trained on data through an algorithm, it is a human mind which can check if the results are right. A machine cannot recognize its mistake unless the human mind hasn’t instructed it with certain rules on that. This is the reason, machine intelligence or artificial intelligence is centered on human intelligence and can never replace humans in any format but is there with us to ease our work.


Artificial intelligence is all around us today. Researchers are inventing new systems, businesses are using them to process their data faster and with greater accuracy. This fueled the discussion on AI replacing humans. The basic imagination as depicted in movies is always AI vs Humans. Still, in reality, AI is not against humans but they are in the same team working on making the impossible possible. A main argument supporting this statement is machine learning and machine teaching, the fundamentals of AI. Machines are and will always rely on humans to learn and attain artificial intelligence to further processing tasks. The complete process of machine teaching has 2 parts data and algorithms which are created by humans and thus this makes humans the key requirement for artificial intelligence. Machines are getting intelligence but they are not able to judge if the processing is resulting correctly, they need humans for monitoring and optimize their performance. Thus, this concludes as Artificial Intelligence is centered on Human Intelligence and can never replace it. AI and Humans are meant to be with each other and grow to create a better world.


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Chameera De Silva,
Thilina Halloluwa
University of Colombo,
School of Computing (UCSC)

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