ANC Business Students visit Dubai

Thursday, 10th of May 2018

Through the ANC Global Cross Exposure Programme

ANC Education offers many possibilities for its students to integrate their classroom learning with internships, research projects, field visits, professional opportunities, etc. This ensures that students are better prepared for real world experiences and the global economy which needs business professionals who can identify opportunities that extend beyond borders.

A global mindset cannot be taught; it comes with experience. ANC’s world-class degree programs, offered in collaboration with universities of high repute, encourage students to gain international exposure through programs that range from exploring the cuisine of Malaysia to discovering international business practices in Dubai. A group of 22 business students had the opportunity to gain valuable in-the-field experience while exposing themselves to new ideas, people, and Dubai’s unique business environment during an industry focused visit to Dubai.

This Global Cross Exposure Program was organized by Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management. In the words of participants… “The Global Cross Exposure Programme to Dubai is one of the most incredible experiences I have had in my university life. As a Hospitality Major, the opportunity to witness Celebrity Restaurants of esteemed chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Giorgio Locatelli, and Nobu Matsuhisa was an invaluable experience.

To see the luxurious side of food and beverage and resort hospitality that we seldom get to experience in Sri Lanka was an important part of this experience for me. We also got to visit the main headquarters of the Dubai Expo 2020 and had the privilege of getting the inside scoop of structures and plans being made for the big event. The highlight of our trip was the visit to Burj Al Arab, the world’s only seven star hotel! Burj was the epitome of luxury hospitality. We also visited Rove Downtown, a casual hotel focusing on millennials, highly centered around technology and modern day facilities.”

Maeesha Asif Northwood- Hospitality Major Aminiya School-Maldives Joined ANC with O levels

“Our trip was about creating and enhancing our skills as well. Professional development training sessions were conducted at the Emirates Academy. The workshop by Miss Julie Jackson on Corporate Communication and Customer Service was extremely beneficial for any university student. As a Hospitality student, I found this workshop highly instrumental, as we are in an industry that deals with daily direct interactions with guests all around the world. Mr. David Butterton followed this with a Leadership session on recognizing failures and building on them, and the psychological thinking patterns of leaders.”

Thiuni Peiris Northwood- Hospitality Major Vidura College-Colombo Joined ANC with O levels

“The Global Cross Exposure Program is a unique feature introduced to our business curriculum. The Dubai trip was an exciting opportunity for experiential learning. As one of the world’s leading economies and a “rising giant” in the global hospitality industry, Dubai was the perfect destination for a group of business students including hospitality majors. We saw the development in action as we visited several places of international repute in addition to participating in the workshop on communication and leadership skills. I joined ANC right after OLs, and both my brother and sister are also studying at ANC. I must admit that ANC has propelled us towards realizing our career goals.”

Navishka Perera Northwood-Hospitality Major Lyceum International School Joined ANC with O levels

ANC will continue to produce global professionals who will leverage their knowledge, skills, and first hand understanding of global business scenario as they launch lucrative careers upon graduation. Hundreds of ANC graduates are hired by multinationals and government organizations every year owing to their career readiness. Global Cross Exposure Program broadens their horizons as it provides a deeper understanding of the world’s economy and global trade between some of the most dynamic markets in the world. It’s noteworthy that another batch of students is looking forward to have a unique learning experience in China this year.

For more information, contact/ visit ANC:0777449955 || No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03 | 322, Peradeniya Road, Kandy or follow them on Facebook:

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