Experiencing Sri Lanka: OSC’s Students Develop Life-Long Learning Through Experiential Education

Tuesday, 30th of January 2024

What is WWW?

The Week Without Walls (WWW) programme at The Overseas School of Colombo (OSC) is a comprehensive educational initiative that aligns with the school’s mission to develop a holistic individual within varied spaces, as well as dynamic environments. WWW also provides learners with an educational experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom and its boundaries. OSC are no strangers in pushing the boundaries of progressive, out-of-the-box, holistic experiential learning.

The Range of Activities

This is a brilliant programme tailored to offer students an extraordinary chance to venture beyond classroom walls and engage in experiential learning through community service, active participation, and travel.

Some of the activities are:

Educational Trips: Visiting historical sites, museums, and scientific institutions can provide hands-on learning experiences outside the traditional classroom.

Cultural Immersion:

Learners explore and discover diverse cultures and lifestyles, getting to immerse themselves and participate in local customs and traditions.

Community Service:

Engaging in community service projects allows learners to contribute positively to society. Adventure and Team Building: Outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, camping, or other adventure sports help in build resilience, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Personal Development:

Workshops or activities focused on personal growth, such as photography, journaling, meditation, yoga, or art classes, are included.

New Logo, New Look, New Adventure

‘Experience Sri Lanka!’ is the brainchild of Ian Lockwood, an OSC secondary school Geography Teacher for nearly two decades. Ian has also embraced his capacity as the official CAS (Creativity. Activity. Service) and WWW coordinator, who is a savant of outbound excursions, a phenomenal photographer and a reputed blogger. ‘Experience Sri Lanka!’ is elated to launch a brand-new logo. The rebranding captures and compliments the rich, vibrant, and transformative experience it is renowned for.

The logo is rich with symbolism that reflects various aspects of Sri Lankan culture, and the colour, typography, composition all convey an inviting and dynamic educational adventure that encourages deep engagement with Sri Lanka’s cultural, historical, and natural beauty. ‘Experience Sri Lanka!’ ensures its WWW concept involves learners stepping out of their traditional classroom settings to engage in various educational, cultural, and community-based activities. These activities are designed to offer real-world experiences, enhance cultural understanding, and develop skills that are not typically focused on in a standard classroom environment.

Targets & Goals

‘Experience Sri Lanka!’ conceives WWW programmes with a clear focus to achieve the following goals: Fulfilling the OSC Mission: The programme is designed to cultivate the complete development of students, emphasising their growth in a secure and nurturing setting. Interdisciplinary Learning: The programme supports and strengthens the existing secondary curriculum, including the Diploma Programme’s Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) component. It employs interdisciplinary learning to enhance the overall educational experience.

Cultural and Environmental Exposure: A significant focus is on exposing students to the rich culture and diverse environment of the host country, Sri Lanka. This immersion aids in developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the local culture, its history, and context. Service Learning and Outdoor Education: WWW provides opportunities for students to engage in service learning and outdoor educational activities. These experiences are vital for instilling a sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Journaling and Photographic Documentation: A key component of the experience is journaling and photo-documentation. Students use these tools to reflect on and record their experiences, enhancing their learning process. Outcomes and Sharing: At the end of the experience, students produce a photographic journal documenting their learning and explorations. Specifically, Diploma Programme Year 1 (DP1) students share their learning on their CAS blogs. The entire experience culminates in a WWW Exhibition in February, where students showcase their insights and experiences.


Overall, OSC’s Week Without Walls programme – ‘Experience Sri Lanka!’ is a holistic educational journey that blends cultural immersion, service learning, outdoor education, and interdisciplinary studies to foster global citizenship, environmental stewardship, and personal growth among students by availing them with a transformative and lifechanging experience.

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