ACCA launches new delivery model

Thursday, 24th of November 2022

ACCA recently launched an innovative new delivery model that progresses ACCA’s purpose, vision, and strategic ambition and offers the maximum value for its students and members. The model includes several key strategic shifts that concentrate on how ACCA plans, executes, operates, and fundamentally redefines the way they work as an organization, across almost every aspect of their work. From strategic insights and analytics focusing on the agility of decision making, where ACCA has already started to establish a center of excellence to lead this work and enhance their stakeholder proposition, it is coupled with capitalizing on their Intellectual Property (IP) by ensuring that it is used for maximum effect that focuses on reshaping the way they work.

ACCA will maximize its unique market presence by leveraging its global brand and focusing on high-value relationships, and partnerships, enhancing recognition, building engagement and communities, developing the profession, and enhancing ACCA’s influence and reputation. ACCA will furthermore work on strengthening their policy development and public affairs to improve relationships, and recognition, and enhance impact with the community. ACCA’s ‘Go to market’ plan will bring together further IP development, communications, and market planning, minimizing duplication. Thinking digital-first, they will maximize global and borderless engagement, enabling greater reach and increased engagement, providing self-service customer journeys, backed by their globally distributed teams.

As per Nilusha Ranasinghe, Head of South Asia- ACCA, the focus is on being driven by insights and analytics and measuring impact, which sets out where they choose to add value on a scale that makes a difference to their students and members globally. Their IP, content creation, and communications form the basis of a global plan, addressing market needs and avoiding duplication, whilst concentrating on providing a clearer focus on relationships, maximizing their global market presence, building engagement and meaningful partnerships, as well as a sense of community that contributes to developing the profession. Nilusha stated “we don’t think about the delivery model in the context of a straight line, given the complex nature of our business.

Instead, it reflects much of the value we create, and is the unique combination of everything we do to create value for our stakeholders. The speed of change over recent times has fundamentally changed customer needs and accelerated the shift to digital, all of which provides opportunities for us to continue to transform how we serve our customers best. We’ve looked holistically at how we plan and deliver in the future, our end-to-end processes, how we embrace digital-first, and how to maximize the value we deliver to the market by enhancing relationships.

These shifts will allow us to achieve a more joined-up approach and enhance the customer experience through optimizing how we do things”. Speaking of the reach planned globally Nilusha stated that they will operate across 3 regional clusters including the Asia Pacific (APAC)region comprising Maritime South East Asia (MTSEA), Mainland South East Asia (MLSEA), SANO (Singapore, Australia, New Zealand & Oceania), Pakistan, South Asia (Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, Member Engagement Community), the Europe, Middle East, America (EEMA) region consisting of Southern Europe, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Middle East, and Central Europe and the individual Markets that will include, India, United Kingdom (UK), Africa and China.

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