Royal Institute Department of English and Teacher Development Centre awarded with the ‘Continuous Excellence Award 2022’ by Cambridge University Press and Assessment, South Asia

Saturday, 12th of November 2022

Royal Institute Department of English and Teacher Development Centre was recognised with a ‘Continuous Excellence Award’ for Cambridge Assessment English at the Sri Lanka CEM Meeting 2022, which was organised by Cambridge University Press and Assessment, South Asia. The Department of English of the Royal Institute and Teacher Development Centre is affiliated with both Cambridge and Pearson and offers Internationally recognised English Language Assessments along with a range of English Language courses and Teaching training courses.

As a Cambridge Assessment English Authorised Examination Centre. The Department of English and Teacher Development Centre has been offering exams and courses from Young Learners in English (YLE) to C1 Cambridge Advanced (CAE), to cater to the evergrowing demand for internationally recognised qualifications for the need to learn the language mainly due to migration and higher studies. The English Department of the Royal Institute and Teacher Development Centre was established identifying the need to enhance English language fluency amongst Sri Lankans, and to ensure students of all ages can access a quality language learning experience.

High-quality English programmes are provided, through innovative teaching practices and experiential learning through a variety of courses in affiliation with Cambridge Assessment English. Courses are also offered for kids from the age of six to adults to enhance language fluency in English. These courses take careful consideration of students’ particular needs and interests and enable them to use the English language effectively and enjoy the learning process. These courses also explicitly demonstrate how English is used in real-life situations, which enables learners to use language meaningfully.

The learners will be able to communicate their ideas fluently, accurately and confidently. The latest addition to the Department is Speech and Drama affiliated with the renowned Institute of Western Music and Speech (IWMS) Sri Lanka, to equip young learners with pronunciation, public speaking and prose speaking. Courses offered for adults include a Diploma in English, Face 2 Face English and Professional English. These courses teach students how to use English for everyday situations and purposes related to school, social life, work and leisure. The underlying philosophy is that learning a second or foreign language is more rewarding, meaningful, and effective when the language is used for authentic communication.

To be able to communicate in English confidently is a challenge for many. This is where the courses offered by Royal Institute play a role in doing the needful. The Teacher Development Centre at the Royal Institute which is also a part of the Department of English is dedicated to providing much-needed skills to groom teachers in the educational sector. Royal Institute equips potential teachers with new skills related to student-centred and activity-oriented approaches to education, by moulding Sri Lankan teachers to be on par with international standards.

The Diploma in Montessori and Primary Education which is awarded by Pearson International and recognised by TVEC has successfully groomed over 500 students, who are employed in international schools in Sri Lanka as well as abroad. This internationally recognised diploma focuses on producing quality teachers for society. Moreover, the teachers get comprehensive training together with renowned organisations such as Toastmasters International, Sri Lanka Red Cross and Cambridge TKT to ensure that all teachers graduate with pedagogy and all the soft skills needed to be a fully-fledged teacher.

The English Department and The Teacher Development Centre are now looking at expanding their horizons. One of the latest projects to be launched by the Royal Institute is to cater for the corporate sector, through workshops to groom executives in the private and public sectors with corporate departments and etiquette together with leading brands in the industry. The department has been continually working hard and striving to achieve better, setting higher benchmarks for them to break.

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