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Embracing Positivity after Advanced Level Exam Results

Monday, 21st of August 2023

Pathways for Success in Sri Lanka and Overseas

Getting your Advanced Level exam results can feel like riding a roller coaster of emotions. In Sri Lanka, this moment holds extra weight as it shapes your future in higher education and careers. Regardless of the outcome, keeping a positive mindset is vital. This article guides you through staying positive post-results, the opportunities for those who succeed in Sri Lanka and abroad, and the avenues available for those facing setbacks.

Embracing Positivity

Imagine you’ve opened your results and they aren’t what you expected. It’s okay to feel disappointed, but remember, this doesn’t define your worth. Think of your journey as a book, and these results are just one chapter. Focus on the progress you’ve made, the lessons learned, and the potential for growth. Talk to friends, family, and mentors – they’ll provide valuable perspectives and support.

Celebrating Success: Next Steps in Sri Lanka

Let’s say you’ve aced your Advanced Level exams. Congrats! Now, what’s next? Sri Lanka offers exciting options:

University Admissions:

Picture yourself at the University of Colombo, pursuing your passion for literature, or at the University of Moratuwa, studying engineering. These institutions offer diverse fields to explore.

Professional Qualifications:

Maybe law, accounting, or medicine sparks your interest. Sri Lanka has professional institutes that set you on the path to specialised careers.

Vocational Training:

If hands-on learning appeals to you, consider vocational training. From becoming a skilled mechanic to a graphic designer, these skills are in demand worldwide.


Have an innovative idea? Sri Lanka’s startup scene is buzzing. With the right guidance, your dreams can become your reality. Exploring Overseas Opportunities If you’ve rocked your exams and dream of studying abroad, exciting horizons await:


Imagine exploring new cultures while studying. Look into universities that match your goals. Whether it’s Australia, the UK, or Canada, find the best fit for your academic journey.

Language Proficiency:

If your dream destination requires English proficiency tests, like IELTS, PET or TOEFL, start preparing. Imagine the pride of passing these hurdles!

Application Process:

Visualize yourself completing applications, gathering documents, and crafting a personal statement that reflects your passion. Early preparation sets the stage for success.

Financial Planning:

Studying abroad might be expensive, but scholarships, part-time work, and careful budgeting can make it possible. Transforming Setbacks into Opportunities Imagine your results are not what you hoped for. Don’t lose heart – this is just a detour, not the end:

Resit Exams:

Picture yourself retaking the exams, knowing that your hard work and determination will pay off this time.

Alternative Qualifications:

Imagine enrolling in a diploma programme that still leads to universities. It’s like taking a scenic route that offers unexpected beauty.

Gap Year:

Imagine taking a year to explore your interests, develop skills, and plan your next move. This gap could become a bridge to success.

Online Learning:

Envision yourself learning coding or graphic design online. The digital world offers countless opportunities to upskill. Local and Overseas Opportunities for Skill and Vocational Studies If skill-based learning resonates with you, envision these paths:

Local Vocational Institutes:

Imagine gaining practical skills in fields like agriculture or mechanics. These skills are valuable assets, both at home and abroad.

Overseas Vocational Training:

Visualize a hands-on experience in a foreign land. You might learn hospitality management while exploring a new culture.

Online Skill Development:

Envision yourself mastering digital marketing or coding through online courses. These skills could open doors you never thought possible. Remember, your exam results are just a part of your story. Success isn’t a straight road – it’s full of twists, turns, and unexpected opportunities. Stay positive, because your resilience, determination, and adaptability will shape your journey. Whether you’re heading for higher education in Sri Lanka, exploring foreign lands, or diving into skill-based studies, each path has its own unique adventures. Embrace setbacks as stepping stones, and picture yourself as a stronger, more accomplished individual, ready to conquer the world. - Senal Warnakula (SW)

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