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Negombo Leo Club props up Muruthana Vidyalaya students

Tuesday, 27th of November 2018

With the aim of strengthening the global literacy level, Leo Club of Negombo Orient joining about 80 Leo clubs throughout the world has donated educational and reading materials to Grade 2 and 3 children of Negombo Muruthana Kanishta Vidyalaya. Leo Club Secretary Ayodhya Sovis, who organised the project said children suffering from economic hardships "need our constant awareness and assistance so that they could be given necessary guidance and financial aid to see the world beyond the horizon. "This is only an initial step and we hope to continue our service further in the future too,”he said. R.H.A.R. Rathnaweera, principal of the school, thanked the Leo Club Negombo Orient and said, “I appreciate this Samaritan work that could turn the children's lives into a bright future. They are not really a burden on society. If they are helped to overcome their problems, they could emerge as a blessing to the whole world” About 20 members of the Leo Club Negombo Orient, its staff and the District Council president participated in the project.

K.L.R.W. Perera

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