"Buddhabhivandana" - Lyceum Nugegoda Illuminates Buddharashmi National Vesak Festival with Spiritual Harmony

Monday, 10th of June 2024

Lyceum Nugegoda made history as the first-ever school to host the Vesak Devotional Singing programme at the serene Beira Lake during the Buddharashmi National Vesak Festival. This pioneering initiative promised to enhance the spiritual ambiance of the arena, receiving blessings from the Maha Sangha and leaders of various religious faiths, including Catholicism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. The participation of leaders from diverse religious backgrounds showcased a meaningful Vesak celebration, resonating with the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

This display of spiritual harmony and togetherness exemplified the essence of Vesak, emphasizing respect and unity. The Buddaharashmi National Vesak Festival organised by the Gangarama Temple in collaboration with the Presidential Secretariat stands as one of the largest Vesak celebrations in Sri Lanka. Lyceum's "Buddhabivandana" event featured devotional songs performed by students, alongside management, academic staff and parents, adding a vibrant touch to the festivities.

The successful execution of the Buddhabhivandana programme not only enriched the spiritual experience of attendees but also highlighted the importance of interfaith dialogue and cooperation in fostering unity and harmony in society. As Lyceum Nugegoda continues to lead by example, its commitment to promoting spiritual values and cultural diversity sets a benchmark for future Vesak celebrations, inspiring communities to come together in peace and solidarity in the nation.