Artistry Unleashed: Lyceum's 'LySiththam' Exhibition Stuns at J.D.A Perera Art Gallery!

Monday, 20th of May 2024

The recent 'LySiththam' Children's Art and Craft Exhibition, hosted by Lyceum International School, Nugegoda, captivated audiences at the esteemed J.D.A Perera Art Gallery, affiliated with the University of Visual and Performing Arts. Featuring over 2,500 exhibits from budding young artists, the event provided a platform for creativity to flourish. Notably, parents, management, academic, and non-academic staff also contributed their own creations, adding nearly 500 additional displays to the showcase. The opening ceremony welcomed distinguished artists from various fields, including painting, dancing, cinema, music, and performing arts.

They expressed gratitude to Lyceum Nugegoda's management and art department for providing such a splendid platform for emerging talents in Sri Lanka to shine and connect with the wider artistic community. Under the guidance of Lyceum International School, Nugegoda's Principal, Mr. Rajiv Ekanayake, and the supervision of Head of Arts, Ms. Madavi Thilakarathne, the exhibition was meticulously organized, ensuring its success.

One of the exhibition's highlights was the opportunity for parents and participants to uncover their hidden creative talents. Engaging in drawing alongside their children, families fostered a sense of fun and togetherness, nurturing creativity within the household. The 'LySiththam' Art and Craft Exhibition not just only the artistic prowess of young talents but also promoted a spirit of unity and creativity among families and the wider community.