Thursday, 8th of February 2024

Lyceum International School was founded in 1993, emulating an ancient and illustrious Greek educational tradition. Lyceum Anuradhapura, a branch of the mother school, was founded in 2013, 20 years later. In the three decades since its inception, Lyceum has enriched education in the International Schools network in Sri Lanka, by catering to both local and international curricula.

Lyceum Anuradhapura, in its present role as an institute offering a uniquely wide range of educational opportunities to students of the region, adds much value to the North Central Province educational network. Truly, Lyceum classrooms are innovative academic gateways, which have transformed education to an adventure to be enjoyed, rather than endured.

Lyceum Anuradhapura had very humble beginnings. It started in an ordinary house, a handful of administrative officers, and a few teachers and students. But today, it has grown in to an institution with about a hundred teachers and over a thousand students. On the 03rd of January 2024, Lyceum Anuradhapura celebrated its 11th anniversary.

The students and teachers showcased eleven years of excellence in a unique and entertaining morning assembly. They enacted the birth of both Lyceum International and its regional namesake. The items designed by the dancing and music departments brightened up the beautiful setup designed by the art department.

A customary cake-cutting ceremony was held, as no birthday is complete without such ceremony. It was truly a blessed beginning for the new calendar year. It was also the celebration of a success story, in full mindfulness of the perseverance, the hard work and the resilience in the face of adversity, which made that success possible.

The transformative environment created by the management and the staff of Lyceum, has made the school a home away from home for all our students. Our educationists are not mere teachers who provide subject knowledge and discipline.

They are emotionally invested in the child’s growth. They stand by the student, with the same caring and diligence, as a parent or any other family member would. Providing a healthy, safe, and friendly environment to the child is a top priority at Lyceum. Lyceum management and staff are extremely approachable and available for assistance, consultation and counselling, at any given moment, features which provide students and their parents much comfort and confidence.

Since inception, Lyceum Anuradhapura students have been provided with wide-ranging opportunities at learning. They have access to the best of local and international curricula. Students are encouraged to reach their potential, not only in academics but in sports, all forms of art, and many other extra-curricular activities. The latter comprise a far-reaching composite of facilities, which present a challenge for the provider, but is especially rewarding in terms impact in a region such as Anuradhapura.

The school exposes students to innovative learning methods, inventive instruction platforms, and novel strategies, under an expert body of academics. Children are given the opportunity to test and challenge their own limits through a multiplicity of opportunities. Lyceum Anuradhapura’s endeavour to provide the best learning opportunities to its student body, has been very much in evidence in the last couple of years, especially in the context of the achievements of its students.

By the same token, students, too, must consider Lyceum to be their second family and contribute to its development and progress voluntarily. Fortunately, the ready acceptance of this mutual responsibility is now an established tradition, which we are confident of fostering in to the future as well.