Tuesday, 1st of August 2023

Implementation of ‘Digital Classrooms’ and a new perspective to Pedagogy

With digital transformation changing many industries, the education sector is also entering an era of digitisation. In Sri Lanka, the education sector is a vital entity however, overall resources are lacking, but with the country’s interest in digital education, alternative methods of teaching are opening up. Lyceum International School is now implementing Education 4.0 techniques to their Advanced Level classes as they look towards a future where all students are well equipped to face the technological world outside school. Implementing Education 4.0 techniques of teaching bring a fresh perspective to traditional teaching and learning.

The introduction of the ‘Digital Classroom’ allows the school to immerse their students in a university-like learning environment. With a legacy that spans 30 years, the renowned school combines their expertise in stellar education with Education 4.0 to create a schooling experience that is modern and effective. As of now, Advanced Level students are given the facility of digital learning that follows a lecture-type teaching style that allows students a more acute learning experience for each subject. The school timetable focuses on intense learning sessions with room for recreational activities for the students.

With the introduction of this more innovative teaching/learning method, the school believes its students will be well-prepared to face life after school. The air-conditioned ‘Digital Classrooms’ are equipped with a smart board which allows teachers to use multiple functions to conduct their lessons in a more engaging manner compared to the traditional white/blackboard. Students are allowed to bring their laptops or tablets to class to refer to the slides and even take notes or record the lecture. As the school now practises the ‘Flipped Classroom’ concept, students can download the lecture slides for the next day’s lessons at home and be prepared for their lectures.

Apart from their daily lessons, students are allowed to conduct peer tutoring sessions and student leadership programs to help each other, in turn instilling a feeling of mutual appreciation and teamwork. Further, Lyceum International School also provides English Proficiency exams such as PTE and IELTS, to help prepare the student for studies abroad. Lyceum students can also apply for the start-up/small-business program, which allows students to get hands-on experience in applying entrepreneurial skills. Students are also provided with motivational sessions that help shape their mindset and build character.

The implementation of this new more tech-enabled pedagogy allows Lyceum students to be well-prepared to face university, and the workplace; this will also help the students build a strong social network in the future. Despite looking towards a tech-enabled future, Lyceum International Schools will continue to instil in students their value system of acceptance, kindness, honesty, and strength to create self-reliable future leaders. With time Lyceum International School plans to introduce ‘Digital Classrooms’ to the other grades as well to provide all their students with a tech-integrated schooling experience.