Monday, 29th of August 2022

Since its advent to the local education platform of Sri Lanka in 1993, the Lyceum International Schools have been providing an opportunity to the passionate and dedicated youth of the nation to receive the finest education in accordance with international standards, garnering 29 years of experience and accomplishments. The promise to both students and teachers to achieve their utmost potential and talent in a non-discriminatory, amicable, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious background has allowed the Lyceum International Schools to develop our legacy in academic excellence alongside the exceptional curriculum.

Setting standards upon ancient values and philosophy of life and education as a whole, the “Lyceum” emerged with its humble beginning of 7 students and 4 teachers. We at the Lyceum International Schools, have expanded our academic network to cater to more than 22000 students with more than 2800 certified expert tutors through our presence in 17 cities, following our vision to produce global citizens who will reshape the future of our motherland and actively striving to the function of our mission to enhance the potential of every young soul that passes through our halls empowering them to be the best they can be. At the Lyceum, we emphasize high measurable academic standards, respect for diverse perspectives, high standards of conduct, and a scholarly and rigorous approach to learning for the purpose of providing the most functional and pragmatic education beneficial to young individuals.

The Lyceum International Schools strive to bestow upon the youth an academic curriculum to ensure the successful achievement of our purpose. We offer young students in the Pre-Primary and in grades 1-8, a period most crucial for the development of their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and moral conduct, an educational curriculum specially designed by the Lyceum International Schools.

This curriculum is crafted to ensure that the young individual possesses the ability to select the most suitable of either the national or the international curriculum for their Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Examinations for the furtherance of their talents and capabilities. At Lyceum, as aforementioned, we offer our students the option of continuing their academic journey through either partaking in the national or international examinations in the Ordinary and Advanced Levels.

At present, based on crucial considerations, we are introducing new academic pathways for international curriculum and examinations offered along with another suitable and renowned international academic curriculum, that being “Pearson EDEXCEL”. Taking into consideration the present unfavorable economic situation of Sri Lanka and support services offered by third-party stakeholders, which affect our governance decisions, the Board of Governors of Lyceum International Schools has decided to step forward along with Edexcel (for international) and the national curricula.

This decision will be for our pupils who are planning to sit the exams under the Edexcel curriculum from 2024 onwards. The intake of students for the aforementioned O/L and A/L assemblies will be in September 2022 and July 2022 respectively. We at Lyceum International Schools along with its combination of national and international education opportunities, assure that our conduct will forever be in favor of the student, and to strive towards our purpose, creating a mature, capable and all-rounded individual determined and able to achieve at a global stage, overcoming all challenges and hardships to succeed in their life.