L Y F E KITCHEN: Nourishing the Generations

Tuesday, 2nd of August 2022

Health is one of the most important aspects of a living being, and it is common knowledge that a well balanced and nutritious diet is essential contributes significantly to the healthy living of an individual. With the advancement of modernity, highly processed and convenient fast food have become commonplace and the overconsumption of such unhealthy food have undoubtedly led to the deterioration of the mental and physical well-being of the average human being in the world.

This prevailing issue is most unfortunately becoming present in the lives of children and youth, with severe illnesses such as Childhood Diabetes and Obesity increasing at unprecedented levels. Food can be identified as an important aspect of culture and society, and many nations around the world have formed their own cuisines and delicacies with respect to their local traditions and customs, and thus forming a diverse range of exquisite cuisine that reflect on the unique nature of human beings.

Due to the direct relation between health and food, one must consume food with much thought as to the health benefits, and nutrition such as the caloric intake, and nutrient composition, whilst also considering how it will reflect on one’s health in the future. It is important to educate people, especially children about food and healthy eating, and thus, LYCEUM EDUCATION has partnered with L Y F E KITCHEN, to take the matter into hand and educate young individuals while providing them healthy and delicious meals.

Addressing the matter at hand, Mr. S.Hewage, the Chief Executive Officer of L Y F E KITCHEN stated : “L Y F E KITCHEN is an organization solely dedicated to providing nutritious and delicious meals with high quality, natural and unprocessed ingredients. At L Y F E KITCHEN, we have realized and understood the presence of a dilemma that is the lack of knowledge regarding the subject of health and nutrition.

In the present times, highly processed fast food have become popular and many people have become addicted to the overconsumption of such food, which has undoubtedly led to the declining health especially in the younger generations.Hence, we have partnered with the leadership of Lyceum International Schools with the common goal to raise and spread awareness on the matter, while promoting traditional, and healthy cuisines.

We aim to provide our children with organic food, at an affordable and reasonable cost, and we believe that everyone should be able to love their food everyday .” Further discussing about the partnership with Lyceum International School and the program of creating awareness about healthy eating, Mr. S.Hewage stated the current actions that were taken and the future plans to be implemented at L Y F E KITCHEN: “ We have currently opened a cafeteria and kitchen in each school to provide our students and staff with delicious and healthy food, and beverages that are truly Sri Lankan.

Within the next few years, we at L Y F E KITCHEN aim to expand our community of food-craft by creating a village to sustainably provide high quality ingredients for our students and staff alike. ” L Y F E KITCHEN ensures that each and every consumer of their goods shall enjoy hygienic, delicious and nourishing food, that their values of high quality food and customer satisfaction shall always be effective and to forever keep the best interest of their customers in mind.