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Vidura College Kalutara celebrates Vesak Festival 2019 – Students observe Sil with the Principal and Staff

Monday, 3rd of June 2019

The students of Vidura College Kalutara celebrated the Vesak Festival 2019 by observing sil on 20th May, 2019 in the school premises. This event was organized with the blessings and the participation of Mr. D.G. Sumanasekara ,CEO / Principal of Vidura College Group. The sil campaign was conducted from 7.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. During the sil programme, participants had the rare opportunity of listening to three valuable sermons delivered by reputed dharma preachers in Sri Lanka today: Ven , Athagama GunalankaraThero, Ven, GalkisseSomanandaThero and Ven. Polpithimukalane PannasiriThero.

The notable feature of the entire programme was that together with the students Mrs. Kanchana Dassanayake, Principal of Vidura College Kalutara Branch, observed Ata sil along with her staff members. Built and promoted on the practice of Buddhist values and ethics, Vidura College always strives to inculcate in the student population the path to achieve complete happiness. The presence of Mr. D.G. Sumanasekara is ample testimony to show how strongly the school remains committed to their original ideals of providing wholesome education to its children. For Vidurians the day-to-day academic programme begins with the observance of Five Precepts every morning.

However, on this blessed day, they went one step ahead and observed Ata Sil. This practice in fact will in the long run help them reach the goals the school has set out to develop their character and they are bound to become exemplary and disciplined citizens the country needs today. The real benefits of observing Ata Sil are many-fold. The Five Percepts clearly help us to develop our Morality- seelabypreventing people from committing misdeeds through words and deeds which are harmful to others. The observance of three additional Precepts, under Ata Sil, help us realize self -discipline or spiritual advancement of one’s self. The studentsof Vidura College Kalutara observe Ata Sil to mark the two most blessed Buddhist Festivals in Sri Lanka –Vesak and Poson. It provides an opportunity for the students to devote time and practice meditation to attain wisdom. To make this event a success, many parents extended their fullest co-operation.

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