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An Inspirational Workshop for the Teachers of Ng/ Pitipana Maha Vidyalaya in Negombo

Tuesday, 17th of July 2018

Teachers are the nation builders. They are creative and gigantic. But with the unnecessary documentation in school work, teachers have become frustrated to dream of new methods to reach children with their subject matters. In order to break this monotonous work, the Principal, Mrs. Inoka Damayanthi Rajapakshe, arranged a Workshop to inspire teachers after the school academic work on Thursday, 16th June from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. It was conducted by Mr. H. P. Sisira Kumara, The counsellor & Career Counsellor of the Negombo Education Office with Mr. Priyantha Rohana, ISA – Music in the Negombo Education Office.

The conducted the Workshop for the teachers after addressing the parents and the students of Grade 10-11-12 separately, with the collaboration of the Police Officers of Thalahena Police Station. It was a novel experience for the teachers as it was commenced with a song all of a sudden, even before an introduction was given for the Workshop. Mr. Sisira Kumara built up the theme of the Workshop gradually with some songs that touched the hearts of the teachers. Although they had heard those songs many times early, the real meaning of them had not been touched by them.

Only with the ser pina (har monium), Mr. Priyantha Rohana let the songs touch teachers’ hearts, making them refreshed instead of their heavy load in school work. He divided the whole staff into five groups randomly. Group activities showed how talented the teachers of Pitipana MV are. It was a good training for teachers to perform their subject matters in many methods without making the lessons bored to children. Although the Workshop flowed for 3 hours in the evening, no teacher felt it was boring as everybody had enthusiastically engaged in it.

The success of the Workshop could be heard when the teachers were asked to explain their ideas in 2-3 words at the end. The best words for the excellence of something came out from them instantly. It was a good evaluation for the newly appointed Principal to measure the capacity of her academic staff. The Workshop, no doubt, was a boost for the teachers to find new methodology to reach students with a refreshed mind.

J. B. Prasanna Perera

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