Adding Value to the City of Gems

Friday, 8th of January 2021 Views - 427

2021 marks the 16th anniversary of Lyceum Ratnapura. Since its inception on January 6, 2005, by enabling challenge and discovery through learning, it has made a major contribution to changing the lives of the youth of Ratnapura. Lyceum Ratnapura has empathized with the dreams and aspirations of its students and guided them in their quest for knowledge and wisdom. Every student is a valued individual and is provided the space and tools for development, commensurate with the unique attributes of character, personality, inherent skills and lines of interest.

Thus, in a relatively short time, Lyceum Ratnapura has succeeded in enriching society with useful citizens with well-rounded personalities, knowledge, skills and qualities. Lyceum Ratnapura is not just a school to its students, but also a happy and mutually supportive family in which all members pursue a common dream. A strong sense of belonging unites everyone at Lyceum Ratnapura. In recognition of this bond, whilst celebrating the 16th birthday of the school, a charity programme has been launched aimed at helping the support staff of Lyceum Ratnapura to make their own dreams come true.

The Management, academic staff, nonacademic staff and parents all participated in this programme, in acknowledgement of the contribution made by the school’s support staff. Marking the 16th anniversary, the first ever Sinhala Newspaper of Lyceum Ratnapura, ‘Minipura Lyceum Anda Heraya’ has been launched with the contribution of all Sinhala teachers. Lyceum International Ratnapura mirrors the success that all other Lyceum branches have achieved. A school which commenced operations in a rented private residence, with just a few students, now offers quality learning to 1850 students, supported by 283 members of staff.

The infrastructure development too has complemented the growth of the student body. The school is now spread comfortably across five acres of land and the facilities include a 25 metre , 6 lane swimming pool, fully equipped science and computer laboratories, a state of the art concert and assembly hall with a seating capacity of 850, a large 60 metre radius cricket ground, soccer grounds, basketball court and tennis courts. The spacious learning spaces are accommodated in a five storey building, designed to optimize both natural ventilation and light.

A library with a selection of reading material across a wide range of subjects stimulates reading whilst the well-designed reading area facilitates comfortable in-house browsing. Lyceum Ratnapura is another step in a journey conceived by the Founder Dr. Mohan Lal Grero and the Lyceum Board of Management, within a couple of decades, redefined the learning landscape for the youth of this country by reaching beyond traditional boundaries.

We are born to teach….