Complete a degree whilst still in school

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With the Teen Graduate Programme at ESOFT

ESOFT, the premier private sector higher education network in Sri Lanka with over 40 branches island-wide, offers qualifications from various esteemed international partners who are mostly from the UK and is an institution offering a wide range of demand-driven qualifications. Having recognised the need for young individuals to possess a degree as a basic qualification for job application, ESOFT has decided to launch the all-new Teen Graduate Programme. Designed for gifted youngsters studying in grade 7, 8 or 9, this programme ensures that teens are armed with a valid degree while they study for their A/L exams, so they enter the world eligible to apply for a job right away, saving time and allowing them to pursue higher education without wasting t ime. The Teen Graduat e Programme would also act as a boost for students that learn IT in school. Providing them with a solid foundation and in turn making tuition unnecessary. 

When a student in grade 7, 8 or 9 joins the Teen Graduat e Programme at ESOFT, they first go through a foundation programme with selected components from one or more of ESOFT’s Pearson assured Diploma Programmes. The foundation level focuses on improving English and IT skills to improve the child’s capability and maturity to a level that allows them to study a First Year Degree curriculum. The First Year is the Certificate level awarded by BCS HEQ, which is a professional qualification awarded by the British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute for IT. The Certificate course which is the equivalent of Year 01 of a University Honours Degree in England (UK NQF level 4) covers the essential core subjects of ICT with 3 mandatory modules. The Second Year, which is the Diploma level, is also awarded by BCS HEQ. 

It covers a mandatory core module - Professional Issues in IS practice, and a choice of 3 modules out of a total of 9, depending on the student’s selected career path. The qualification is equivalent to Year 02 of a University Honours Degree in England (UK NQF level 5). The BCS HEQ is accessible to anyone regardless of entry qualifications and allows children to be channelled towards a clear path to an IT degree. Exams are conducted twice a year – in March and September. The Third Year is a Top-Up Degree awarded by London Metropolitan University UK, a public research university that dates back to 1848. Renowned for their graduates’ employability, the university offers about 160 academic programmes ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate qualifications. The student can choose to do a Top-Up degree in BSc (Hons) in Computing – which is designed for students who wish to specialise in the development and maintenance of modern computer based systems, BEng (Hons) in Software Engineering – a degree for those interested in application development, and advanced software engineering, or BEng (Hons) in Computer Networking – for those interested in wireless networks and network and cloud security. Students will be released for O/L exams in year 11, and A/L exams in year 13.

If the student exits halfway through the course without completing a single year of degree course work, no qualification will be awarded. If he completes Foundation and the First Year, he will receive the BCS HEQ Certificate. If he completes Foundation, First Year and Second Year, he receives both the BCS HEQ Certificate and BCS HEQ Diploma separately. Therefore, even if the students decide not to follow up on the Top-Up degree, they will still receive valid and recognised qualifications from BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT, which are built on a track record of British academic excellence. Taught since 1969, these qualifications at the highest level offer students a route to postgraduate study, with the Professional Graduate Diploma in IT being the academic equivalent of a University Honours Degree in UK. ESOFT, established in 2000, offers recognised qualifications ranging from Certificate to Postgraduate level in various disciplines including Computing, Business Management, Hospitality Management, Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Personal and Professional Development and Language Training. 

For more information about the Teen Graduate Programme, visit the ESOFT Head Office at No. 3, De Fonseka Place, Colombo 4, or email