Journey into Self: the Lyceum Experience

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“Know thyself” is the motto with which children at Lyceum embark on a journey into knowledge and spiritual discovery of oneself through a process called education: a journey which a majority of adults procrastinate to the latter part of their lives. At Lyceum, we firmly believe that unless a person finds himself first, that the all important journey through life will not be worth the while. Perhaps that is the reason why Lyceum International School is different from all the other schools, which have come up, in the last decade.

One might find it hard to believe that a privately owned school keeping to international standards would take such a strong stand on self awareness a norm which is fast fading from our families and communities. However it is this very reason that has made Lyceum International grow in size and stature over a short span of time of 24 years, and the colourful history of Lyceum is worth exploring. Lyceum was founded on 14th June 1993 by Mr. Mohan Lal Grero with only 7 students and 4 teachers at a location just outside the city limits of Colombo.

The name Lyceum comes from the ancient Athenian school founded by the great philosopher Aristotle in 335 BC; “Apollo Lyceius”. His philosophy being “know thyself”. It is in that light that the children of Lyceum are expected to grow to be worthy to self and society. Through sheer team work and commitment of both administrative and academic staff, Lyceum today is proud to announce their eight branches in Kandana, Panadura, Wattala, Ratnapura, Gampaha, Nuwara Eliya, Anuradhapura and Kurunegala are providing a gateway to a total of nearly 18,000 students.

The teacher-student ratio is 1:12, an impressive statistic. Lyceum is proud to declare that they give priority to discipline. The Academic staff are not only born to teach but also take pleasure in being motivators who help students achieve their full potential. Lyceum students have excelled at the London G.C.E. O/L and A/L examinations and all credit should go to the tireless efforts of the teachers and the determined students. The school has a wide range of co-curricular activities for all children such as Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Badminton, Band Western & Brass, Basketball, Cricket, Cubbing, Guiding, Gymnastics, Kandyan Dancing, Karate, Little Friends, Netball, Orchestra, Rugby, Senior Guiding, Scouting, Soccer, Strength Training, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Chess, Choir, Debating, General Knowledge, Guitar, Model United Nations, Scrabble, Aeronautical Club, Art & Handwork Club, Buddhist Society, Christianity Society, Community Service, Roman Catholicism Society, English Literary Association, English Newspaper, Hindu Cultural Society, ICT Society, Islamic Society, Kiddies Activities, Media Club, Nature Club, Robotics Club, Sinhala Literary Association, Sinhala Newspaper Committee, Sinhala Drama, Teens for Change Club, Young Inventors Club.

Lyceum is very proud of the International Standard cricket ground of 70 metre radius on which even Test cricket can be played. Each Lyceum School has Swimming pools, Cricket nets, Basketball courts, Netball courts, Soccer grounds etc. Children are also encouraged to take an interest in music and the students get the opportunity to play in the school Western band and Eastern band while Cultural dancing is also taught. Creativity is always encouraged by displaying art and handwork of students at the College Display Unit. This gives an opportunity for children to have greater self-esteem about their talents. Speech, Drama and Debating give the students a chance to improve their oratory skills while Scrabble, Chess and General Knowledge contests cater to the young and inquiring minds.

Students also participate in Cubbing, Scouting, Guiding and Little Friends and those with a keenness for nature can join the Nature Club. Children with different learning abilities are also catered to with inclusive education. Lyceum places a high value for parental responsibility and thus maintains good relations with the parents. Twice a year parents are issued with a full report on their child’s development and performance and regular contact is maintained through monthly reports, homework and newsletters. Students’ progress is constantly discussed and the teachers are willing to accommodate time for such meetings anytime during the school year.

Considering the external environment to which the students are exposed to and understanding their psycho-social well-being Lyceum offers Student Counselling Service on academic and social issues. The School has been very clear in their vision and mission to address the need of the nation; ethnic harmony and community integration is fostered through daily prayers of all 4 religions at assembly and in the celebration of all religious festivals. Lyceum is a heaven for children of all communities to be free. It is a place where one sees the unity in diversity; a lesson for all those who are yearning for lasting peace in Sri Lanka. Commitment and team work is the key to their success admits Mr. Mohan Lal Grero the Founder and Mrs. Kumari Grero the Coordinating Principal of Lyceum International Schools. Lyceum is a school where the administrators, teachers and parents become one to help children take that journey into self. Their academic results and achievements in extra-curricular events speak volumes for the success of the school which continues to remain Sri Lankan in nature and international in approach and standards.

We are born to teach.