Courage, Confidence and Values For Children to Face Current Challenges in Sri Lanka

Thursday, 16th of May 2019

  • How do we equip our innocent children who have not experienced the fear of brutal war that darkened our country for three decades, to face the current crisis that has cast gloom over our beautiful country?
  • How to we inculcate in them good values of equality of all people of Sri Lanka and motivate them to be ambassadors of peace and unity, who will take forward our country to a bright future some day?
  • How do we teach children to think critically for themselves without being influenced by false rumours and hate speech that only lead to fear and destruction?
  • How do we train our children to be courageous, speak out and be leaders for positive change?
  • How do we train them to be alert about safety and security without unnecessary fear? Children need guidance and motivation to go in the right direction. They need encouragement, to bring out the best of their unique talents.

The Rainbow Institute of Communication and English, a centre of excellence in communication, English and soft skills training, www.rainbowinstitute. lk is now enrolling children for the 14th intake of its popular training on Public Speaking, Leadership and Personality Development for Children. (7-14 years)


In the current context where there is a sense of fear and hopelessness, Rainbow Institute provides two refreshing hours for children every Saturday. This special time provides motivational training, with fun- filled action to empower children with skills for leadership. They are inculcated with sound values and gain confidence to speak out in public and bring out the best of their unique personalities.


The training for the new intake is crafted to equip children to face the current challenges in Sri Lanka with confidence and to shine as child leaders. This training provides personalized coaching over a duration of 30 hours. As sessions are limited to small numbers, each child gets individual attention and is guided to bring out the best of his or her own distinctive strengths.


Recognizing the role and responsibility of parents in moulding the children, Rainbow Institute invites parents for the inaugural orientation and also to witness the final session and see the progress of their children. The training for the new bat ch is scheduled on Saturdays, from 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm, at the Rainbow Institute, 28, School Lane, Colpetty. The new batch commences on Saturday, 25 May.


Rainbow Institute also offers individual coaching for children who want to excel in English and also for those who take part in Speech and Oratorical competitions. Many students from the Rainbow Institute have shone at school and won awards at national level competitions. Children who have challenges with learning are also provided personal coaching to develop confidence and bring out their best.


The empowerment programmes at Rainbow Institute are directed by eminent University academic, Dr. Mahim Mendis. Dr Mahim Mendis, a product of St Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, has been mentoring and teaching in Sri Lanka and abroad for three decades. Dr. Mendis, the former Spokesman of the Federation of University Teachers Associations (FUTA), is well known as a powerful public speaker. Dr Mendis is supported by dynamic young trainers with high credentials and international exposure. They are now ready to partner you to bring about a life changing turning point for a bright future for you and your child.

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