You can maximize impact of your presentations

Wednesday, 3rd of April 2019

Whether one is persuading colleagues, selling to a client, or energizing a team, the power of the presentation, makes the difference between the individual’s and company’s success or failure. Ability to make powerful presentations also enables students to have a cutting edge and earn high grades. Rainbow Institute, a center for excellence in communication and English, is offering intensive training for a life changing journey to ensure the success of your presentations. The forthcom-ing Presentation Skills training focuses on the ‘nuts and bolts’, of presentations and provides a solid grounding in the processes and practices of effective presenting.

For all who have to make work related presentations The training is ideal for Professionals who have to make presentations for their work, those involved in Sales and Marketing, Lecturers , Trainers, Clergy and Senior Students following professional courses who have to make work related presentations, At the end of the training participants will be equipped with the following: Confidence in making presentations, ability to think “out of the box” and develop creative presentation strategies, ability to understand your audience and design powerful presentations to win them over, maximize your unique skills and talents to make an impact and respond effectively to challenging situations when making presentations.

Key aspects of presentation techniques The training overs a duration of 30 hours focuses on all key aspects of presentations. Topics include: Qualities of an Effective Presenter, Speech Craft, Non-verbal Communication, Critical Thinking, Audience Analysis, Structuring Your Presentations, Using Power Point, Presentation Models and Tools, Presentation Style, Presenting for specific organizational needs and answering challenging questions The training will be conducted by eminent university academic and highly sought after trainer in organizational development and Communication, Dr Mahim Mendis, Communication Specialist, Ms Manique Mendis and a team of dynamic trainers with strong credentials, rich experience in corporate training and international exposure Activity based training As in all Rainbow Institute training, this training too be interactive and packed with exciting practical exercises to ensure a productive and enjoyable learning and skills development experience. Group is confined to a small number to ensure individual attention and maximum time, for practical exercises.

The training will take place, on Mondays from 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm at Rainbow Institute Premises at 28, School Lane, Colombo 3. It is scheduled to commence on Monday, 29 April, 2019. Rainbow Institute is also ready to conduct this training for groups of staff in companies. Rainbow Institute of Communication and English 28, School Lane, Colpetty Contact 0770788295, 0775090400, 0114380400