“Improve your communication skills” - An Enjoyable New Year’s Resolution

Friday, 28th of December 2018

Another year has come and gone and yet we see many people lamenting the fact that this year has flown so fast and how so little has been accomplished during this time. While many Lankans fall back on more common resolutions like working out to stay healthy, starting a new diet, developing a new skill and so on, not many people focus on one of the most important and enjoyable resolutions they can have - Communication Skills We live in a globalised world. In order to survive in this world whether it be trade or commerce or politics, learning a global language is of utmost importance. English is a language which is widely used internationally in all global activities mentioned above.

Therefore learning to speak and communicate with this language is of paramount importance especially to developing countries like Sri Lanka. Many of the Sri Lankan youth are now highly focused on getting white collar jobs with a luxurious pay. However though many of them have this dream, it remains a dream because of one prominent barrier - the barrier of not knowing the Communication Skills. Let alone white collar jobs, even to be a bus conductor, Mason, or even the ever so popular tuk tuk driver, knowing how to speak in English is of utmost importance. Yet though this need clearly prevails people aren’t that interested to improve communication skills because they seem to deem it too hard or maybe even boring to learn. The reason for this we believe is that the local curriculum is purely classroom based education where the teacher teaches and the student listens.

Make learning Enjoyable

However if you are actually Interested in improving your language and vocabulary you can implement a few tactics while of course still following your classroom based education. There are many ways in which you can perfect the language while actually enjoying it to your heart’s content. Some ways to improve your language skills would be to:

  • Watch English Movies
  • Listen and sing along to English songs
  • Read books and newspapers

Follow workshops that allow more student talk time, just to name a few. While all the above activities are enjoyable it can be converted into a learning experience if you actually focus on it. Each time you watch a movie or read a book find at least 4 new words and then focus on using those words in your day to day vocabulary. By attending workshops or programmes that allow more student talk time you are able to identify and improve your talents at public speaking, drama etc. We at Rainbow Institute firmly believe in activity based learning and provide our students with ample opportunity to speak out and identify their talents at public speaking, writing and communication skills. Perfecting the English language will greatly help you to develop yourself and your personality while also giving you the ability to communicate globally and leave your mark not only in this country but in the world. Therefore while wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year we just want you to think a minute on how you can use communication skills to create an impact on the world.

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