Diploma in Biomedical Science at MSI for edexcel / Cambridge (O/L) or gce (A/L) students

Friday, 25th of May 2018

The Diploma in Biomedical Science programme leading to the Bachelors (Hons) Degree, provides you a career pathway in the Biomedical, Medical or any of the Health Science Fields. This programme has a strong emphasis on Research, which will be a great advantage for students who are inclined towards Health Science Research. The competence in both Diagnostic and Clinical Aspects of the curriculum will certainly be of a great advantage in their future undertakings.

The students who have completed the E d e x c e l o r Cambridge (O/L) or GCE (A/L) can start Biomedical Science programme and the career path allows you to end up with a Bachelor’s Degree. After the bachelor’s Degree you may even pursue to do a Master’s Degree programme and then even progress to PhD. Biomedical Science is a new area of study and only a limited professional institute is conducting this course. Management and Science Institute (MSI) is one of the professional and l e a d i n g institute that c o n ducts a course in Biomedical Science with highly qualified and well-trained lecturers.

Management and Science Institute (MSI) Colombo is the ultimate choice for those visualizing academic excellence in their career path through higher education through its cutting edge in quality education with scope for students to pursue a vast spectrum of diploma programmes of their choice, cost effectively, using modern methodology, infra-structure facilities and a prestigious panel of lecturers. MSI is geared towards academic excellence and reputed internationally, well positioned as a leading institute providing industry relevant qualifications through diploma programmes that eventually lead to Bachelor (Hons) Degrees, Post Graduate courses and Research Disciplines.

Management and Science Institute (MSI) is affiliated to Management and Science University (MSU) Malaysia, which is 217th QS World Ranked University in Asia and recognized by SLMC and UGC Sri Lanka. While the former offers a wide spectrum of diploma programmes the latter continues the Degree and Master programmes for academics to become professionals in their chosen field. MSI Colombo is recognized by many Universities Worldwide including the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Eastern Europe, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and India.

MSI leads the professional education with a holistic approach to the expectation of the industry by meeting the global and ethical standards. Other Diploma programmes conducted by the MSI are Diploma in H o s p i t a l i t y & To u r i s m Management, Diploma in Event Management, Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Investment Management, Diploma in Human Capital Management & Diploma in Industrial Management

For more information on the programme offered at MSI, p l e a s e cont a c t us on 0112576644, 0112576700, Hot Line 0770777880, Email i n f o @ m s i . e d u . l k o r or visit us at No;300 Galle Road, Colombo 3