The Path to Professional Success - Cambridge Business English

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Responding to the need by employers, employees and job seekers, for ef fective skills in Communicating in English in the work place, the Rainbow Institute of Communication and English, Colombo 4, is pleased to present its high qual i ty internat ional ly endorsed training in Business English, for the 13th consecutive batch. The training is ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and executives, members of the forces, and students following professional courses. The training is delivered according to the University of Cambridge, English, UK, curriculum for Business English. At the end of the training, you will gain confidence and polish your skills functioning effectively in English in your job.


With Over 100 years of experience and expertise, Cambridge English is a unique approach to teaching, learning and assessing English. Cambridge English is driven by world-class research and commitment to delivering educational excellence, providing increased opportunities for learners and teachers, offering value to teachers, educational institutions and employers and promoting language learning to benefit society as a whole.


BEC is a high-quality international English language programme, followed by over one million people worldwide. It provides employees and job applicants the workfocused English language skills they need to communicate in an international business environment.


BEC covers a range of business topics covering the 4 main language skills. Firstly, readingthe ability to read and analyze business information. Second, writingdesigning and drafting business messages such as e mail, business letters, reports,minutes of meetings, proposals. Third, listening- ability to listen and understand conversation and presentations in the business context. Fourth, speaking- negotiation skills, meetings, telephone etiquette, interviews, public speaking and presentation skills. With personalized coaching from experts in a friendly learning environment, you will increase your marketability in the job market and can go further in the career ladder.


The Rainbow Institute of Communication and English, is committed to empower Sri Lankan children, youth and adults through high quality International training. A unique feature is that this international training is delivered with Sri Lankan warmth and hospitality, understanding the real needs of Sri Lankans. Located in the heart of Colpetty, the Rainbow Institute has been set up by a group of eminent academics and professionals. All instructors have rich experience in teaching of English in the business sector, high qualification and international exposure. Classes are confined to small groups to ensure personalized attention. Modern activity based teaching methodology makes learning an enjoyable experience. The Rainbow Institute also offers special corporate packages to organizations. Some of the Rainbow Institute’s key corporate clients are: MAS Holdings, Fonterra Brands, John Keells Foundation, Central Finance, Bank of Ceylon, Ceylon Tobacco, Hilton Hotel and Embassy of the United States of America and Canadian High Commission.


The course covers a duration of 36 hours (Approx 4 months) and is scheduled from Tuesdays from 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Call Akshay and reserve your seat today on 077 5090 400, 077 0788 295, 011 4380400, or email For more information, see