BSc. Hons (Chemical Science) Degree at the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024

The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon has opened a new intake for the BSc. Hons. (Chemical Science) degree program for the year 2024. It is the only programme of its kind offered by a non-state educational institute in Sri Lanka. This degree was approved by the Ministry of Education in the year 2020 and designed to include a unique combination of subject material, enabling the degree holder to have fair knowledge in the subject of Management in addition to the specialty in Chemical Science. The BSc. Hons. degree is ideal for school leavers with a genuine interest in the field of Chemistry and related sciences and for university students who follow different disciplines or general degrees with chemistry as a subject, who wish to enrich their knowledge and gain an in-depth understanding of concepts in Chemistry.

The programme is a four-year degree programme designed as per the Sri Lanka Quality Framework (SLQF) Level 6. In the first two years, students will be offered fundamental and intermediate courses related to organic, physical, inorganic, analytical chemistry and biochemistry. While Chemistry as the main subject, subjects such as Mathematics and Biology are taught to support undergraduates to cope with the more advanced concepts offered subsequently. Moreover, during the first two years, students will receive a solid foundation in subjects such as physics, electronics, and statistics as well.

In the third and fourth years, advanced concepts in Chemistry, as well as in several management subjects will be offered. While following these compulsory course units, students have the opportunity to select from industry-related optional courses as well. The optional subjects are customised to impart essential knowledge that will aid a chemist in thriving in an industrial setting. The BSc Hons (Chemical Science) programme includes a strong practical component that is designed to provide substantial hands-on experience in all areas of Chemistry during the first three years.

In the final year, students are required to conduct a research project, where they will receive an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained to practical situations. Through this, we provide our undergraduates with a foundation in research methodologies and an understanding of research techniques. Students gain confidence and an understanding of research techniques. Students also gain confidence to work independently whilst developing their rational thinking ability. The programme is constructed such that it includes a subsidiary management component totaling 24 credits.

We consider chemical science and management to be a unique combination that will support students to develop into competent individuals in the competitive job market. The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon is the only education fraternity offering this subject combination in South Asia. We are focused on producing chemists equipped with an in-depth knowledge of chemistry along with sharp managerial skills. The entry criteria for this programme is as follows: Three passes in science subjects in one sitting, with Chemistry as a subject, in one of the following examinations,

a. GCE Advanced Level Examination

b. Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level

c. Cambridge International Advanced Level

The successful completion of the BSc. Hons (Chemical Science) programme is considered a qualification for admission as an Associate Member of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon which is the professional body in the subject of Chemistry.

Ms. Mithuni Senadeera
Teaching Assistant