Huawei to support annual study programme for software and hardware engineers

Wednesday, 1st of November 2023

Huawei Technologies’ Senior Vice President, Simon Lin, announced plans to support an annual study programme for Lankan software and hardware engineers, and collaborations with Lankan universities for academic, technological and infrastructure assistance. President Ranil Wickremesinghe, during his recent state visit to China, visited Huawei’s research and development centre in Beijing and discussed Sri Lanka’s future plans.

He highlighted the importance of the Chinese government and Huawei in supporting the country’s digital education system and green energy production, stating that foundational work for this is already underway. The discussions extended to the importance of empowering Lankan citizens with digital technology, closely linked to the nation’s economic growth. The Lankan delegation was briefed on Huawei’s international services and their latest technological advancements. An agreement was signed during this visit, formalising Huawei’s support for the digitisation of Sri Lanka’s schools.