Horizon Campus appoints Spectrum Overseas Education Consultancy (SOEC) as Official Visa Agency

Sunday, 22nd of January 2023

Horizon Campus recently entered into partnership with Spectrum Overseas Education Consultancy, to handle the visa requirements of their students who wish to travel overseas for further education. Spectrum Overseas Education Consultancy is a top visa agency in Sri Lanka offering transfer chances to Australia, Canada, the UK, and a variety of other countries and with this partnership, Horizon Campus students are given the convenience of completing their visa requirements in-house at the Spectrum office which will be housed within the Campus.

Spectrum Overseas Education collaborates with many universities throughout the world and, students of Horizon Campus have the benefit of screening their university degree application through Spectrum prior to enrolment with detailed visa consultation. Through its partnership with Melbournebased La Trobe University Australia, Horizon Campus has a unique route to Australia. Students who enroll in the Pathway programme will receive 100% Free Visa Consultation and Visa Processing through Spectrum Overseas Education.