Gateway steps up STEM learning through Embry-Riddle Asia Summer Camp

Wednesday, 24th of July 2019

With STEM education firmly rooted in the cur riculum from Year 1, Gat eway College has taken steps to raise the levels of creativity and critical thinking of its pupils by providing them with necessary exposure both locally and internationally. STEM learning and Robotics have been successfully embedded into the Science and Computing lessons at Gateway in a well-structured manner that has been carefully mapped to the English National curriculum. Establishment of the Innovation Studios have further encouraged the students to think like inventers and entrepreneurs from the early stages of their life.

The success of these initiatives were evident with Gateway’s first batch of students who took the BTEC in Engineering course. What was remarkable to see was all students achieving High Distinctions for the course whilst they were still studying in Year 10. This was made possible mainly due to the hands on experience these students received both in school as well as outside. The practical exposure that the students received was exemplary. They participated in a well-structured programme at the German Technical Institute in Ratmalana where they were able to get a handson experience.

The school also organized two foreign tours – the first to India for the younger age groups and then to Singapore for the Year 10s and 11s. Both tours provided the STEM learners to understand and experience how far they could stretch their learning to. The entire tour to Singapore was organized by the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University which is the world’s oldest and largest accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace higher education. It is called the Harvard of the Sky and is best known in the aviation industry for the quality of its degree programs and faculty.

As part of the Summer Camp, the young aviation enthusiasts had an opportunity to attend lectures by Embry- Riddle instructors on topics like Aviation History, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Air Traffic Management, Logistics, and Diversity and Inclusion. The attendees also had the opportunity to visit many aviation training facilities in Singapore and experience their first time in a full motion flight simulator at Haite and Airbus. In addition, the Camp i n cluded guided tours of Singapore’s landmarks and iconic attractions, like the Gardens by the Bay and a visit to the popular ArtScience Museum. The Sri Lankan students tried local cuisine, and experienced local culture, traditions and the heritage of Singapore.