Shadhini Dilukshini prepares to set sail to UTAS with a 100% Dean of Law’s Merit Scholarship

Monday, 15th of April 2019

Shadhini Dilukshini, a product of Ladies College, holder of the 100% scholarship from University of Tasmania for Bachelor of laws, is about to embark on one of the most significant journeys of her life. On successful completion of her A/Levels at Ladies College in 2017 with 2As and 1 B, Shadhini who modestly calls herself as an “Average Student”, has managed to make her parents, school and country proud by achieving the dream only a few students could only dream of. During her visit to ANC Future Center last week, we managed to get her feedback on this great, life-changing achievement.

How did you find about UTAS and its Dean of law’s Merit scholarship program?

One of my friends told me about UTAS after seeing an advertisement on newspaper. She also informed me that they offer up to 100% scholarships for Bachelor of Laws for high achievers. Eventually, I visited the ANC Australian Education Fair which was held at the Kingsbury in July 2018. I had the opportunity to discuss my options with Mr. Sanjay Madabushi – Manager, UTAS and was really convinced to apply to UTAS for the February 2019 intake.

What does it feel like to be a 100% scholarship holder?

I still can’t believe that I got a 100% scholarship to pursue the Bachelor of Laws at UTAS. I guess it’s every student’s dream to receive a 100% scholarship from a reputed university in Australia or any other country. I really believe that this is the reward for all the hard work put in to my A/Levels. I feel really blessed and honoured to receive this scholarship and will not take this rare opportunity for granted.

What are your future ambitions?

My future ambition is to join the United Nations on completion of my bachelors and use the knowledge and experience gained in Australia to establish effective rules and regulations to take Sri Lanka to the next level in terms of social justice and community service.

Why would you recommend the Law programs at UTAS to your peers?

First of all, UTAS offers this mind-blowing scholarship scheme for high achievers which encourages students with good A/L grades to utilize this great benefit to its best. Further, the bachelor of Law at UTAS offers a contemporary undergraduate curriculum with a global perspective and encourage students to social justice and community service. Furthermore, UTAS offers a supportive, vibrant and collegiate environment, rich in diversity, promoting a high performance culture for students.

How would you rate the support and guidance given by ANC Future Center staff?

I would rate the service provided by ANC Future Center staff as excellent. I really appreciate the professionalism and commitment displayed by the ANC Future Center staff in supporting me to gain entry in to the program as well as for guiding me to obtain the 100% scholarship at UTAS. A special thanks goes to Ms. Dionne Gregory who stood by me during this complicated process and supported me to believe in myself. Thank you ANC Future Center for all the support extended to me and I wish all the staff all the best in their future endeavors.

Dean of Law’s Merit Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship is generously funded by the College of Arts, Law and Education. 12 scholarships are available to encourage high performing international students from India, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka to study Law at the University of Tasmania, commencing in 2019. Admissions are now open for July 2019 intakes.