ANC Students Celebrate the Holi Festival of Colour

Monday, 18th of March 2019

The Holi festival of colour is an illuminating and joyful annual celebration of ANC Education that bring together the entire student body in a spirit of colourful festivities. Every year the Holi festival is an exciting and joyous time for students and the freshman students, juniors and seniors together with the ANC branch campus students basked in the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood strengthening friendships, forming new friendships while observing the cultural and social significance of this great Holi festival. The Holi Festival was held at the Berjaya Hotel Mount Lavinia recently and was decorated to the theme colours of the festival. The festival kick started with a Bollywood dance by the students of the performing Arts Club of ANC to signify the cultural and traditional aspects behind the spirit of the Holi festival.

The Bollywood dance was of popular beats with a fusion of modern dance moves that entertained and delighted the audience. The students were enthusiastic to begin the main activity of the night and the Holi festival of colour and the splashing of colors and water began with all the students participating together enjoying this moment of camaraderie and the vibrant colours being splashed around, in the air and on each other, a beautiful sight and something that brings in a lot of positivity and energy among the students. The myriad of shades and tones are believed to symbolize triumph of good over bad leaving a lasting impression with the students after a worthwhile night of celebration with colours. The students continued to enjoy the after party and the DJ music had the students moving to their favourite beats. The Holi Festival was a valuable learning experience for students to have no differentiation among each other and to show love, respect and friendship and most importantly any negative feelings or resentments were all wash way and forgotten by this remarkable festival of colour celebration. 

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